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Angelika Selle

Angelika Selle

Angelika Selle, born in Pforzheim, Germany, studied at the University of Freiburg in Catholic Theology, in German and English. In the years following she travelled to Japan, Korea and America. She settled in the U.S. in 1983 with her American husband, Bob Selle. Together they are the parents of 4 wonderful children. She has worked with Government officials, held the position of the editor in chief of two magazines, “Neue Hoffnung” and “Today’s World”, and she taught at a parochial elementary school. Rev. Selle’s true passion and calling is to be a reconciler and peace-maker to promote reconciliation and healing between different races, religions, and cultures. Together with her husband and another family, they founded a reconciliation group in MD. In 2001 she founded the Prayer in Action Ministry and in 2003 the Interfaith Prayer and Fellowship Ministry in Washington DC. On April 8, 2005 she was ordained at the Lively Stone Worship Center under “God’s Vision International Ministries” by Apostle Floyd Nelson. In 2006, Rev. Selle was appointed to be the Pastor of New Hope Family Church in Landover Hills, MD. Earlier this year, on March 21, 2010, Rev. Selle was appointed by the Founder of WFWP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to be the President of Women’s Federation for World Peace USA and Vice-President of WFWP International.

October 24th, 2014
Dear Friend, As we prepare for this year's 22nd anniversary National Assembly, you might wonder what WFWP is up to with our efforts and activities. What are we trying to accomplish? Simply said, it is to empower young women to become leaders for peace and to empower older women and mothers to help raise this new crop of peace leaders! In order for peace to become real and not only a dream or concept, we seek to raise young women - and young men - who begin by humbly serving others and sincerely and genuinely caring about others. Therefore, we precede our national conference with a Day of Service. Great people and beloved leaders are those who humbly serve instead of insisting on their power and position. In the spirit of John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" We all are still in the process of learning that kind of leadership, and history has not many such selfless leaders to show. Thus, the title of our Assembly, for the second year now, is: "LEARN TO LEAD," as all of us need to acquire new skills of leadership motivated and based on the heart rather than the head. With that heart and mindset, we seek to find innovative and creative solutions to our society's most serious ills, and replace old paradigms that cause hurt with those that bring about love and harmony. Will you join us in this process?
September 29th, 2014
Dear Friend, "Transformed and energized" is the feeling I get when reading through each and every article in this month's edition of our E-news. Please do take the time to carefully read through all of them to see and feel for yourself how the women and mothers of WFWP are making an impact in your community and in the lives of those whom they touch. We are therefore truly grateful for your ongoing patronage and support, which makes all of WFWP's activities possible. In this regard, please consider stepping up your level of membership and increasing your level of giving! :) The latest, most exciting and hopeful news is that WFWP USA last month launched a young women's chapter in Bridgeport, Connecticut, initiated by Mrs. Lena Yasutake, a mother of three, a teacher and also a Board member of WFWP! We hope that it will be a catalyst for the development of an entire young women's component in the near future. It is therefore with great anticipation that we are preparing for and looking forward to this year's 22nd Anniversary National Assembly here in the nation's capital, which will be geared toward both young women and seasoned women and mothers becoming young and energized again. As mentioned in our recent seminar, "Women's and Mothers' Role to Save America," each woman has an important role to play to change the tide for the better. The main assembly will take place on Saturday, October 25 at the Washington Times building. Our theme of "Learn to Lead" continues, with this year's focus being on "From Local to Global - Leading with Heart." We will learn from seasoned women leaders, hear from our local chapters, show and tell what works, network, heal and reconcile, and celebrate and honor one another. The assembly will be…
August 31st, 2014
Dear Friend, All of July and a few days into August were marked by continued involvement by WFWP USA around the country in the God's Hope for America Bus Tour. During that time period, our chapters nationwide engaged in a variety of new activities, and more than at any other time co-sponsored and collaborated with our sister organizations, such as the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), the American Clergy Leadership Conference, and CARP, a student organization devoted to promoting healthy values. Our articles in this issue reflect the productive outcomes of these efforts. In Chicago, UPF and WFWP USA held an American Leadership Conference entitled "God's Hope for America: Righting a Nation Back to Its Providence." On Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., WFWP USA joined the other organizations in a celebration of National Parents' Day 2014. And then, at the annual CARP National Convention, we shared with the next generation of college students at the University of Maryland campus about good social etiquette and proper dressing for workplace and career. Also, we launched a new type of WFWP seminar in Maryland along the lines of "America Is God's Hope, and So Are You," introducing and discussing practical tools for peacemaking-beginning with ourselves-that are derived from the philosophy undergirding our organization. Those "Principles of Peace" are summed up in WFWP's Motto, "Living by the Logic of Love." And living by this logic means actually putting it into PRACTICE, centering on our Creator. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our founder, also exhorted prominent Ambassadors for Peace and heads of state at her recent World Summit in Korea-and also on the occasion of the second memorial service marking the passing of her husband, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon-with a similar message. Her theme was "FORGIVE - LOVE - UNITE." Dr. Moon encouraged…
July 27th, 2014
Though we just celebrated our nation's 238th Independence Day in this month of July, our nation might be "independent" from the "Old World" but is still enslaved by overwhelming issues. The Chicago Tribune in one edition called this month's events, "The Crises (plural) of July 2014"! In that same edition, the newspaper reported that during the weekend of July 4 alone 80 people were shot or murdered in Chicago. That same edition also reported that the Freedom from Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisconsin, announced giving the "Nothing Fails Like Prayer Award" to the person who gives the best secular invocation not referring to a Supreme Being but to human values alone. If we would ever wonder what is the real reason for the rapid decline and weakening of America, herein lies the deep-seated root of our problems! Some 40 years ago, our WFWP founders came to this country to ring the warning bell on this very point, urging America to invite God back into our homes, schools and all institutions, making God and godly principles their point of reference in all their decision-making. In the speech "America Is God's Hope," delivered at Yankee Stadium in 1976, they clearly stated that only when that happens will we find solutions to our problems! What does this have to do with WFWP? I believe everything! It is especially women and mothers of conscience and faith who are needed at this time to assist in redirecting our nation to its original founding principles. Mothers, let us pray for and with our families, husbands and children, and our communities and re-instill those principles in them, especially in the next generation. Let us instill in them once again the urge to live by the "Golden Rule," being kind, respectful, responsible, modest, considerate of others-and most…
June 29th, 2014
Dear Friends, Just as America is experiencing quite a bit of hot weather in many places, it seems the whole world is going through some kind of "heat" or a fiery furnace of challenges on many levels. Iraq is boiling with sectarian strife. The slaughter continues in Syria. A war between Christians and Muslims threatens in the Central African Republic -- not to mention Nigeria. Ethnic hatred seethes in the Xinjiang and Tibet areas of China. This is where women, mothers and Women's Federation, with our unique peace-building tool set, could come in like a cooling breeze to quell the heat by providing relief and care, love, healing, encouragement, inspiration, and hope, working and networking with other women from the local to the global level and beyond our own borders. Though this issue of our e-newsletter is a bit late -- and we apologize for that -- it is rich in content, as we witness the loving work of mothers and daughters from California to Chicago to the nation's capital, the UN and also Canada, the Schools of Africa, the Middle East, and Haiti, where our team is currently serving. Our Co-Founders, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and her husband, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who was an ardent supporter of women, recognize that women and mothers have innate peacemaking qualities rooted in their role as nurturers and educators of the family and in their natural orientation toward faith. Dr. and Rev. Moon's vision is that all such women are called and needed to use their gifts and talents in all sectors of society to bring about peace, a culture of mutual respect, prosperity, and interdependence -- together with our husbands and in harmony with men. At this time WFWP USA is also supporting a special God's Hope…
May 24th, 2014
Dear Friends, How do you feel about the abduction and sale into sex slavery of the 300 young girls in Nigeria? And would you think for even a moment that a mother or mothers would be able to do such a thing? I do not know any single mother of any culture who would even conceive of taking someone else's children and putting them through a hell like that. ... Therefore as we consider our role as women and mothers, especially at this time in human history, we can clearly see the need for change and positive influence. We might not be able to make a big impact right away on a big level, but we can start right where we are in our own families and communities to raise up a different kind of generation of children and adults who will cherish one another in heart, and value each other's differences in race, religion, and nationality. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in an interview a few years ago, talked about his own mother when he was a little boy. He was riding on her back, and would pull her left ear to steer her left and her right ear to steer her right, and she would cheerfully comply--and she thus made him feel so close and comfortable and safe with her. His mother in India is a very simple woman, with no education. But she gave him a treasure for life! He concluded by saying he felt sad that in today's culture such intimacy between mother and child, or between father and child, has been, more often than not, lost. He therefore called on all women, the simple mother, any mother, to go outside her household into the neighborhood and community and share her simple heart of love with…
April 20th, 2014
Dear Friends, As spring is in full bloom across the nation, this month's newsletter is also chock full of hopeful news and events that occurred especially during Women's History Month in March! Through each article, one can sense and feel a stirring in the hearts and spirits of the women and mothers. In addition, some articles show how young women are using their unique gifts, talents, and feminine qualities to contribute to the greater good and to make a difference for the sake of peace. We are most hopeful when we see the younger generation step up and step forward, such as young woman volunteer Ms. Greta Anderson. At the recent and very successful WFWP International parallel event at the UN's Committee on the Status of Women, Greta brought a fresh spirit and heart to the table, asking the question, "Why is the world a broken plate?" As Fannie Smith put it in her article below, "Greta for six months lived in Israel's dangerous places and among ruins and vowed to design her own program to create peace, alleviate poverty, and give a voice to the voiceless." Quite a remarkable young woman, who also happens to be the designer for WFWP USA's Assembly themes. We are also hopeful to see how city officials and former civil rights leaders crossed the Bridge of Peace in Las Vegas for the sake of closing the still apparent racial divide in this country as part of the activities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. We thank Mrs. Katherine Duncan, president of the Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas, for having the vision to make the Bridge of Peace a central part of the celebrations. Women propelled and moved by their maternal heart, love, and passion pulled these events together, creating…
November 28th, 2013
Dear Friends of WFWP, As many of us were enjoying the fall season, we were shocked when once again images of horror and devastation filled our TV screens from another calamity befalling the Philippines. Our hearts almost stood still as we watched the unthinkable happen to families, homes, and whole villages due to Super Typhoon Haiyan. With a prayer on our lips we immediately set up a WFWP relief fund, with access to it on our website. It seems that the global village is experiencing greater and greater extremes, both on the painful side, such as the calamities, domestic violence, and confusion in values that we all know about; and on the other side, an amazing outpouring of support, love, sacrifice, goodwill, and healing. This year's 21st anniversary WFWP USA National Assembly, entitled "Learn to Lead: Raising the Next Generation of Women Leaders," held on the University of Maryland campus just outside Washington, D.C., turned out to be one of the latter experiences. Not only did each Global Women's Peace Network panelist do an outstanding job of sharing her personal wisdom and insights as a leader, but we felt that real healing took place. This spirit of healing reached a crescendo in the evening during the Bridge of Peace Ceremony; then while to listening to the inspiring story of this year's HerStory Awardee, Dr. Aziz Baccouche, a blind nuclear physicist; and even through the experience of the very colorful entertainment. A big THANK YOU all those who contributed to make this year's anniversary so special, deep, and successful! Early in October, women leaders and international WFWP officers gathered in London, UK, for our annual international leadership conference. This year's theme, "Finding the Vision and Way Forward, and How to Transform Ourselves, Protect Our Families, and Build a Culture of Peace,"…
July 12th, 2013
Dear Friends of WFWP, It's healin' time! As we look back over the last two months, we find that our WFWP USA has been involved in many initiatives and activities that correspond to our theme this year: "Spirituality, Healing and Service." Most recently, 5 courageous women and two young people returned from a historic 1,000-mile Trail of Tears Prayer Journey, which started in Calhoun, Ga., and successfully concluded in Tahlequah, Okla., with a "Wiping of the Tears Sacred Ceremony." It was conducted by Rev. Dr. Linda Lucero (of the United Native American Council) and Chief George Akeen, who released the pain and resentment inflicted on the Cherokee and other nations 175 years ago. A fuller account will be published in the next issue and on our website. It doesn't take much to make an impact from one human heart to another (see other articles in this issue) when women decide to "just do it"! It is time for all women and mothers to get involved and use our God-given gifts of spirituality/prayer, healing and service right where we are, in our families, neighborhoods and communities to bring hope and change for the better. No titles and positions are needed for that - just a willing heart, working together, and tenacity to see it through! With the words of our Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, on April 10, 2002:"We must all push ahead in the conviction that no matter how wounded and scarred this world becomes, it can be healed and cleansed by the substantial work of women united in the vision of God's true love." Have a wonderful summer! Angelika Selle
May 2nd, 2013
Dear friends of WFWP, The pain and outrage over the Boston bombing are still in our bones. As we keep going on about our lives, we come to realize more and more that the police, government, and other institutions are rather limited in what they can do to effect REAL CHANGE for the better. What can we, WFWP and you do about it? We can do more than we think! Looking over this month's edition of our newsletter, and reading between the lines of the articles, I especially sense that women are the answer! Once having dealt with their own pain successfully, once having healed themselves and equipped themselves with spiritual and scientific knowledge, they have the capacity and most of all the HEART to turn pain into purpose. Such women of victory can then devise creative solutions for even the most hideous crimes, such as human trafficking and other violence against women, and for even the most dreadful scenarios, such as war. In this year's women's leadership retreat in San Antonio, Texas, we focused on the very theme of "Spirituality, Healing, and Service" inspired by our founders' example of "Living by the Logic of Love" and "Living for the Sake of Others." They - and we - encourage all women at this time to reeducate their families and their greater community in sound family and moral values, demonstrating the power of love in action and mentoring the next generation. WFWP will put new initiatives in place to facilitate that, and we hope for your support and involvement as well. With warm wishes, Angelika Selle
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