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Angelika Selle

Angelika Selle

Angelika Selle, born in Pforzheim, Germany, studied at the University of Freiburg in Catholic Theology, in German and English. In the years following she travelled to Japan, Korea and America. She settled in the U.S. in 1983 with her American husband, Bob Selle. Together they are the parents of 4 wonderful children. She has worked with Government officials, held the position of the editor in chief of two magazines, “Neue Hoffnung” and “Today’s World”, and she taught at a parochial elementary school. Rev. Selle’s true passion and calling is to be a reconciler and peace-maker to promote reconciliation and healing between different races, religions, and cultures. Together with her husband and another family, they founded a reconciliation group in MD. In 2001 she founded the Prayer in Action Ministry and in 2003 the Interfaith Prayer and Fellowship Ministry in Washington DC. On April 8, 2005 she was ordained at the Lively Stone Worship Center under “God’s Vision International Ministries” by Apostle Floyd Nelson. In 2006, Rev. Selle was appointed to be the Pastor of New Hope Family Church in Landover Hills, MD. Earlier this year, on March 21, 2010, Rev. Selle was appointed by the Founder of WFWP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to be the President of Women’s Federation for World Peace USA and Vice-President of WFWP International.

Dear Friends,

July has been a most "hot" month for our country this year. One of the very "hot" topics undoubtedly has been, and still is, the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on same-sex marriage.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know where WFWP stands on this topic. As it says in our Statement of Beliefs, number 3:

"We promote healthy and virtuous relationships within the family between husband and wife, parents and children, and extended-family members, and we educate and nurture young women to develop a character of internal and external excellence."

This is to note that we don't discriminate against or wish any ill towards homosexuals, who have often been treated shamefully, even by people of faith and in the name of religion. In fact, we affirm the dignity and value of every individual as a son or daughter of the Divine Origin.

It has been the core philosophy of our Founders that the family unit, consisting of one man and one woman who commit to one another for life, is the basis for a happy and peaceful society, nation, and world. This philosophy has been the basis for all of WFWP's programs, activities, and projects locally and internationally for the last 20-plus years. We also promote the key role that women play for peace in such families, and also in the "extended family"--that is, their communities and societies--by using their unique gifts and talents and their "mother's heart" to bring their reconciliatory voice and insights to the table.

WFWP's signature project, the Bridge of Peace, is one expression of women's efforts to pave the way to "live by the logic of love" and reconcile former enemies. These Bridge of Peace ceremonies continue regularly here in the United States (see below) and worldwide and have great impact.

Notwithstanding the great impact of the Bridge of Peace, however; WFWP's Founders' interracial and intercultural Marriage Blessing is of even greater significance. In the Marriage Blessing, men and women of former enemy nations come together in holy matrimony, which provides the real cement for healing former enemy relationships. It is quite a revolutionary and innovative approach to create not only lasting marriage relationships but also a substantial foundation for sustainable peace.

Leaving you with this "food for thought," I wish you happy reading of this month's edition of the Logic of Love and a Happy Summer!


June 26th, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Dear Friends,


On this year's Father's Day, we have a lot to reflect on...

Looking over this June issue, it is filled with important content, as WFWP USA is speaking out from the heart on the recent shootings in South Carolina, challenging ourselves to increase our work for peace and reconciliation.

During this fathers' month we also acknowledge and honor the father and Co-Founder of WFWP, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who deeply understood and supported the value and role of women and mothers as peacemakers and peace leaders, together with their husbands. You will find some of his quotes below in the editorial.

Also hear from a young father, our very own WFWP USA webmaster, Michael Hentrich, how his life has been touched by his family and by being on the inside of WFWP.

We congratulate our chairwoman and mother in Minnesota, Jeannette Henry, for completing her Master's Degree in Religious Studies. Don't miss reading her story and her findings on "Women as Peacemakers: A Prerequisite for Sustainable Peace."

WFWP USA is very hopeful despite all the challenges America is facing, because we see true faith, forgiveness, and love of the enemy being practiced in the face of deep pain, as the congregants of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston are doing, and as are other men and women who still believe in and strive for goodness in this country.

Let us join together in faith and action to turn the tide!



May 28th, 2015

May 2015 Message

Dear Friend,

"History is calling for reconciliation, service and sacrifice. Today's problems cannot be solved by the logic of power. Today's problems can only be solved by the Logic of Love."

These profound words of our Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, have never rung more true than now.

As we honor our mothers during this month of May, we realize that a mother's heart is so desperately needed to address, heal and resolve the world's problems, be it to assist the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal, and recently again that in the Philippines, or taking our children off the streets and out of harm's way, as Mother Graham did her son during the Baltimore riots. Words cannot resolve situations like these, only actions, motivated and initiated straight from the heart.

Our founder is leading us with that kind of heart in all she is doing, such as responding immediately to the Nepal earthquake by sending $1 million there for disaster relief. We thank her also for having given birth to 14 beautiful and accomplished children, each of whom she deeply cares for and loves. And yet her love has always gone far beyond her family, in caring and living for the sake of God and for the sake of all humankind.

We wish Dr. Ha Ja Han Moon and all mothers once again a very happy, happy Mother's Day and that they may continue the legacy of LIVING BY THE LOGIC OF LOVE.

Let your light and the warmth of your motherly heart be felt!

With love,

After more than a decade of leadership based on total service, heart and investment, our chairwoman in Texas, Mrs. Laura Hornbeck is moving on to other areas she is equally passionate about.

During many of the years she was the chairwoman for Texas, Laura also served as the editor of our WFWP online newsletter. Laura is a very gifted and talented writer and editor, and accomplished in working with the media.

She assisted in creating materials for WFWP International for their work with the United Nations and for other international projects.

She is a most kind, gracious, and gifted lady and leader.
We love and congratulate her on her accomplishments over the years. We honor her investment in the Texas WFWP chapter and wish her many blessings and success for her future endeavors.

With deep appreciation,

Angelika and WFWP USA

Good afternoon, dear ladies, mothers, leaders,

Happy Women's History Month! Thank you to the organizers of this important event, to Rebecca Holland, to the Maryland Chairwoman Kim Dadachanji, to Emiko Butler and all the Japanese women and mothers for preparing such a beautiful atmosphere here.

As we heard in our introduction, WFWP is committed to World Peace –with women playing a central role in the peace making. And "Women as Peacemakers" is the topic for today's event which is a rather huge subject to cover.

So as I was thinking and meditating on what to share with you today, I want to talk about:

  1. The need for a new type of leadership for peace
  2. Why women are best suited for being those "new" type of leaders
  3. What are the characteristics of leadership for peace?
  4. How to nurture and strengthen those qualities not only within ourselves, but in our sons and daughters and in the next generation.

I . New paradigm for leadership

Let me also begin with quote from our founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who said in her inaugural speech for WFWP in 1992 entitled "Women's Role in World Peace:"

"We see the signs of decay and confusion all around us. We need look no further than our own communities to find babies born addicted to drugs, children scarred by physical and sexual abuse, young dreams destroyed by unwanted pregnancy and neighborhoods under the siege of random violence. As women we are deeply affected by these images. Our families and our children are casualties of a culture that exalts living mainly for the self. The impact of this selfishness reaches from the individual to our families, communities, nations and world."

The result of this kind of selfish leadership is what we see today, as was described by Mother Moon: extreme poverty and suffering, political tyranny, and fierce ethnic and religious wars.

How did we get here? Thus far history has been mostly governed by men, whose style of leadership tends to be very territorial, controlling, manipulative, competitive, judgmental, narrow, and, yes, egocentric, power and position hunger, to name a few qualities.

In a news article of the Washington Post a few years ago, there was a headline: "The World Is Without A Leader." That means that men's leadership in government, churches, or institutions, and even in the United Nations has reached its end. And that is because thus far from the beginning history, only half of humanity was given a voice at the decision-making table, and thus leadership is limited.
There is good news: In a CSW event at the United Nations in 2011, in one session it was noted, that in order to accomplish the original goals for the UN to create and ensure world peace, there is only one resource left that has been untapped: Women and Youth.

II. Why do we need women, and what can we contribute?

For one thing, we believe that most, if not all, of the social ills and problems have their origin in selfishness, as Mother Moon has stated. But even deeper than that, we are dealing with emotions here: deeply-seeded emotions that have driven history so far, emotions of hatred, strife and jealousy, fear, anger, etcetera, etcetera.

And as we know men don't know how to deal with emotions, or acknowledge them. They usually operate from their intellect and reason, on the outside, but are driven from the emotions on the inside. We can see this in dramas on television today.

Women, on the other hand, are beings of emotion, sensitivity, intuition, compassion, and understanding first and foremost. These are the God-given innate qualities given to us by our Creator because we are the ones nurturing and raising our children, educating their consciences and understanding their needs.

Earlier we talked about a "Mother's Heart" or Parental Heart that women have and operate from. And that is the aspect of leadership that has been absent thus far. Because of that, most problems and social ills are still alive and well today.

It is, in fact, innate motherly hearts, women's deep wisdom, insights, and creativity, positive emotions of agape love that are now needed to bring about positive change, from the local to the global level, in every aspect of our society: media, education politics, cultures, the arts; in order to bring change for the better and to create an atmosphere that is conducive to peace.

III. What kind of leadership is needed – what are the character traits needed for peace leaders?

The new type of leadership we are talking about must be motivated from the heart of a mother or parent, PARENTISM, which is based on spiritual values, selfless love, dedication and sacrifice based on a life-style of practicing "living for the sake of others," or "living by the logic of love."

What is logic? It is the left brain and represents training in skills. What is love? It is the right brain and represents training in heart: compassion, patience, service, reconciliation (for example how does reconciliation come about? through listening and serving.)

Thus far in history, the left brain was the dominating force and frame of reference, and we now need a paradigm shift to the right brain, which is training in heart: love, compassion, patience, service, sacrifice, reconciliation, and harmony; in order to create the long-needed balance. And that's where women and mothers come in. By the way, it takes a lot of work on yourself to make the shift!

Now let's talk more specifically about what kind of characteristics a peace leader needs to acquire or nurture. Two years ago, as part of a personal project, I interviewed several women leaders, experienced mothers and daughters, and young women leaders. I asked them what they felt were the most important qualities we need to acquire, develop, teach, and draw out (educate) of ourselves and each other. Here are some key qualifications of a young woman leader that most everyone interviewed agreed on:

• Morals, ethics, values, and virtues – This was the number one point that all emphasized. Education toward a better world and true leadership begins with the self and with a simple understanding of right and wrong. A young woman leader needs to follow her conscience and become a person of virtue, sincerity, integrity and humility. As Ghandi exemplified: Peace begins with me: BE the Change.

• Compassion, love, and kindness toward others – We need to acknowledge, highlight, and strengthen those feminine qualities within ourselves. First of all toward myself, and then toward others. That is a great power and emotion, more powerful than the selfishness around us, and can turn enemies into friends, and spears into pruning hooks. Through caring and loving others, we can accomplish more than through confrontation and judgment (all based on truth and honesty, of course). Most important is to love the self in order to love others and be an agent of healing.

• Relationship skills and education of the heart – We strongly believe and promote the family as the school of love and the school for peace leadership. Especially our upcoming generation of young woman leaders needs to grow up in a harmonious and righteous family to learn and practice healthy relationships and experience the different kinds of love we described earlier. Dr. Moon teaches that society is the extension of the family.

• Find one's gifts, passion, or "inner calling" – It is essential that we women, mothers, and young women leaders develop our spirituality and connection with our Creator, God. In my own experience, through prayer, meditation, and self-reflection we can become more confident in ourselves and our gifts, and many times feel a divine hand guiding us.

• Develop a global and local consciousness – A woman leader of peace in this new age should be at least somewhat educated or exposed to one or two areas of the following: politics, international cooperation, business, languages, social issues, the arts, and the religions and ethnicities of the world. In fact I have met many young women professionals who are very dedicated and passionate in their area of expertise.

• Mentorship – Every woman and every leader needs someone who absolutely believes in her and sincerely cares about her. This is based on my own experience. As a child, teenager, and young adult, I was very shy and quiet, had no opinions, and low self-esteem until God put a teacher in my life who saw my potential, believed in me, and challenged me. Thankfully, I responded and developed my potential and found my true self.

IV. How can we nurture these precious qualities and instill them into our next generation and the world around us?

We have to begin with ourselves. As I already mentioned one needs compassion toward oneself. But what I want to emphasize is that we especially need good health, to care for our precious bodies as temples of God, to eat good and healthy food, and to have positive thoughts.

a) Take time to breathe, go to a spa, read a book, chat with a friend, dance, sing, whatever makes you happy;
b) Make time as a family over dinner to talk what is on your hearts;
c) Self-reflect every day about our thoughts, actions;
d) Live in the moment, live consciously, and enjoy your gifts as you share them with others wherever you are.

How can we bequeath what we have learned to the next generation?

BE the role model and example they can aspire to and be proud of. Leave a legacy of true love.

I would like to close with the words of our dear Founder and role-model, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, from the speech "The Ideal Home and World Peace," given on August 23, 1995 in Seoul, Korea:

"I have expounded since the founding of the Women's Federation that God and history are asking us to live a life of love and service, and build a world through realizing the ideal home. All the misuse of love and the selfish reality that has been controlling humanity must be boldly cleaned up. Immorality, hatred, and all self-centered perversions must be eradicated. It is the proper role of women to demand an end to and put in order these wrongful practices...With the introduction of this new women's age, all women need to become new pioneers, who guide with true love...and establish a world of true peace."

Together we can and will do it!
Thank you very much!

Nepal is one of the world's poorest nations, and its economy, largely based on tourism, has been crippled by the earthquake, which left more than 7,300 people dead. (ABC News.05/04/2015)

Any local initiative helps to show our compassion in action.

Just a few days ago, images of a horrendous 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal flooded our TV screens. Our hearts go out to the thousands who have been injured or lost their homes in this tragedy. The death-toll has already reached 7,500 and there is no telling how many more victims will be unearthed.

WFWP USA immediately connected with our counterparts in Asia and Nepal to see if anyone got hurt and how we can best be of help.

Here is what Mrs. Lily Lin, President, WFWP Taiwan, responded:

Warm greetings from WFWP Taiwan!

Thank you very much for your love and care for Nepal.

The President of WFWP Nepal Ms. Blessie Gadon Dhakal and the Director of Nepal Republic Media, Ms. Shova Gyawali are now in Taipei. We just completed two very successful events: the "2015 GWPN International Forum on Women's Economic Empowerment" and the Inauguration Ceremony of "Asian Women Entrepreneurs' Peace Alliance" right after which the earthquake happened. Mrs Blessie's house has completely collapsed because of continuous small earthquakes yesterday. However, her children and our WFWP members are all okay. They are all living in tents outside..."

WFWP USA will raise funds through this website and will join with WFWP in Nepal via our direct WFWP liaison to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to families in need.

We will stay in close communication with Nepal and give you updates and reports as we receive them.


Thank you for your heartfelt support!

Angelika Selle, WFWP USA President
National Chairwomen, Board and Staff

March 26th, 2015

President's Corner for Women's History Month

Dear Friends,

Happy March and happy Women's History Month!

As spring is undoubtedly making its way throughout the country (though occasionally being interrupted by snow and cold temperatures here and there), we in WFWP USA feel that spring has fully arrived on many levels.

There was a "new spirit" felt at this year's WFWP International parallel events at the CSW59 convocation (the 59th annual session of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women) in New York, of which WFWP USA was one of the co-sponsors. A young and fresh spirit was felt through the presence of the excellent young women panelists and the participation of local high school students. The latter were invited by WFWP, were exposed to this setting for the first time, and learned a lot.

Our dynamic young international president, Professor Yeon Ah Moon, who spent the entire week attending UN-related sessions and activities, inspired the women at the WFWP Luncheon with her welcoming remarks. As she quoted our founder's original vision for WFWP at length, we could see and feel that this very vision is now beginning to manifest right in front of our eyes and around us! It gave us a feeling of great hope and joy indeed! "What a Blessing" it is to be a Woman, as our Washington DC chairwoman expressed in her poem, especially to be a woman at this time.

In this issue of the Logic of Love News--as well as in the April issue--we will feature articles, reflections and speeches pertaining to the
WFWP International parallel events at CSW 59, and we hope you enjoy them!

During the month of April, WFWP USA is having a membership drive, and we invite you to Spring into Action by inviting another young or "experienced" woman, or even your husband, brother, or son, to join WFWP as a paying member.

Spring also reminds us to "Spring into Action," which includes doing our spring cleaning, not only of our homes and offices but of our body and spirit; doing our shaping up with physical exercise; and catching up on education, reading, training ourselves, stretching our minds, and dreaming big. All of these will make for us a strong recharge and a springing into action! Let's celebrate Spring; and I celebrate YOU!

So let us Spring Forward together!


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March 26th, 2015

A New Paradigm Shift: Reflections on the CSW59 Events in New York City

It was a great joy for WFWP USA to co-sponsor and participate in this year's CSW59 events in New York at the United Nations. More than 9,000 women from around the world and the United States registered this year. Among them were a good number of men! All were eager to participate in the main CSW59 (59th Commission on the Status of Women) session at the UN and in over 450 side or parallel events, all under the theme, "Make it Happen."

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women, which promulgated the landmark Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Considered to be the most comprehensive blueprint for advancing women's rights, the 1995 Beijing Declaration road map was adopted by 189 governments.

But, 20 years later, those commitments adopted have been only partially fulfilled. In the sessions I attended, one could feel and hear a sense of dissatisfaction on this point. Questions were raised again and again as to how to "make the Beijing Declaration's action steps truly happen."

North Star Academy High SchoolNorth Star Academy High School

Yet, it was quite refreshing to participate in WFWP International's parallel events on March 9, the Public Event, and on March 10, the more intimate Luncheon Program, both of which focused on the theme, "Young Women and Leadership: Education, Opportunities, and Obstacles." Having attended such events over the past five years, I found this year's experience was entirely different. For example, in the program on March 9, all of the panelists and the emcees were young women in their 20s and 30s. Each co-sponsoring organization had a few moments to introduce itself, and then everyone enjoyed the young panelists' eloquent presentations.

Frederick Douglas High School, HarlemFrederick Douglas High School, Harlem

Our local WFWP chapters from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut sent small delegations of high school and middle school students from the following schools: Frederick Douglas High School in Harlem, New York; M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. School of Science and Technology in Brooklyn, New York; North Star Academy College Preparatory High School in Newark, New Jersey; and Bridgeport International Academy in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Exposing students to these events was a first, and added greatly to the overall experience for all the participants. We look forward to hearing their impressions and reflections in the next issue of the Logic of Love News.

Participants from M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. High SchoolParticipants from M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. High School

Ms. Ronchetti from Frederick Douglas High School said that the WFWPI parallel event opened the children's mental scope and way of looking at the world; that the students now can begin to look beyond Harlem to have an outlook of the world that goes beyond their community and environment. It will enrich their lives and help them to dream big.

The highlight of this year's Luncheon Program was the keynote address by our new, young WFWP international president, Professor Yeon Ah Moon. She quoted at length from the words of WFWP's co-founders, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Also very inspiring and insightful were the remarks by newly appointed director of the WFWP International UN Office, Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, who eloquently emphasized the role of women.

Every night after attending multiple CSW sessions at the UN, President Moon met with different groups of women until late at night to reflect, strategize, and mobilize.

Our WFWP USA team enjoyed a dinner with our international president, along with many young women. Each young lady shared about her passions, studies, hopes, and dreams for WFWP and for her own life. The "more experienced" ladies in the room poured out their hearts, their wisdom and insights to the younger ones, invoking tears, laughter, and everything in between. That is what you get when women of all ages come together and share.

WFWP USA Staff with the Young ParticipantsWFWP USA Staff with the Young ParticipantsWith the conclusion of the CSW 59 events this year, WFWP USA is very hopeful for the future, as we connect and expose our local foundation and the next generation of young women to global affairs. This year we were able to witness the beginning of this paradigm shift as it takes on more substance, with more men supporting women and with women of all ages, especially young women, getting involved and being heard. Action steps toward real and lasting peace are developing. There's no turning back now.

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February 23rd, 2015

President's Corner for February '13

Welcome to our new WFWP USA newsletter - with a new format and new title!!

We felt it was a good moment in time to "upgrade" ourselves, which happens to coincide with the Chinese New Year (lunar calendar) on February 19. So Happy New Year again!

This February issue of the Logic of Love News also contains new types of articles and welcomes our new vice president, Katarina Connery, who was appointed by our founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to be groomed as the future president of WFWP USA (see her profile and article below). We wholeheartedly welcome her to our WFWP USA team. She will be joining our current, seasoned vice president, Juanita Pierre-Louis, who will remain in her role as well.

As we celebrate Black History Month here in the United States and are gearing up for the upcoming 59th session of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) events in New York City, during Women's History Month in April, it occurred to me that there is actually a deep connection between women and blacks here in America. Not only do women and blacks share a history of suffering, abuse, and disempowerment (which continues to this day in many countries), but they also share amazing strengths that they can bring to the table at this time to contribute to making peace a lasting reality.

To make that point more clear, I would like to highlight the article below on the Ubuntu culture throughout Africa, the motherland of African-Americans. This culture, which is based on a consciousness of all human beings being interconnected, is expressed in the simple phrase, "I am because of you." This is a mindset that also comes naturally especially to women and mothers, whose brains are already "wired" to see connectedness rather than division. And it is that very God-given gift, or Ubuntu way of thinking and acting, that I and WFWP feel is needed at this time for women and blacks to contribute in all aspects of life, especially in areas of conflict, in order to bring lasting solutions to our social ills.

Only when I see that your problem is "my" problem, and that we are in this together, and think what I can do to help you, instead of accusing you for your problem, can we find healing and inner peace.

This is a call to all women and mothers to bring that voice of Ubuntu to the table wherever we are and in whatever we do, as we continue to "Live by the Logic of Love."



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January 31st, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year 2015!

January is the month in which we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is inspiring how Dr. King's philosophy of peace and reconciliation resonates so perfectly with WFWP's ongoing motto, "Living by the Logic of Love." Therefore, at the beginning of every year we are very happy to celebrate the thought, vision, and accomplishments of this champion of peace -- especially since this process has not been completed yet. Agreed?

While this new year is already well on its way, we here at WFWP USA are still in the mode of planning, goal setting, strategizing, and organizing for the next level of development of our organization.

It promises to be an exciting year as we teach the ropes to our newly appointed vice president, Mrs. Katarina Connery, and the next generation of young woman leaders. Welcome again!

Just to clarify as we train and raise our next generation, we in the more "seasoned" generation are not retiring or stepping down as woman leaders. Mrs. Juanita Pierre-Louis will continue as the current vice president, and we all, younger and older ladies, will work the vision TOGETHER. Indeed, in this way we are EXPANDING our foundation.

As an inspiration for this month and new year, I recommend to take a hint from the members of our Colordao Chapter, who began this year with laughter (see article below)! I hope you enjoy all of the articles in this issue, as well as a detailed overview and summary of last year's amazing activities and efforts by our local chapters!

We noticed that last year, more than in the previous year, all chapters collaborated and networked with other organizations.

GROWTH on all levels is our theme for 2015, and in order to accomplish that, we want to keep in mind an attitude of "uplift-upgrade-collaborate" in whatever we do, as the fuel to boost ourselves to a higher level.

Best wishes for a successful year!

With love,


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