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WFWP USA President​ ​Angelika Selle

WFWP USA President​ ​Angelika Selle

Angelika Selle, born in Pforzheim, Germany, studied at the University of Freiburg in Catholic Theology, in German and English. In the years following she travelled to Japan, Korea and America. She settled in the U.S. in 1983 with her American husband, Bob Selle. Together they are the parents of 4 wonderful children. She has worked with Government officials, held the position of the editor in chief of two magazines, “Neue Hoffnung” and “Today’s World”, and she taught at a parochial elementary school. Rev. Selle’s true passion and calling is to be a reconciler and peace-maker to promote reconciliation and healing between different races, religions, and cultures. Together with her husband and another family, they founded a reconciliation group in MD. In 2001 she founded the Prayer in Action Ministry and in 2003 the Interfaith Prayer and Fellowship Ministry in Washington DC. On April 8, 2005 she was ordained at the Lively Stone Worship Center under “God’s Vision International Ministries” by Apostle Floyd Nelson. In 2006, Rev. Selle was appointed to be the Pastor of New Hope Family Church in Landover Hills, MD. Earlier this year, on March 21, 2010, Rev. Selle was appointed by the Founder of WFWP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to be the President of Women’s Federation for World Peace USA and Vice-President of WFWP International.

January 31st, 2018

President's Corner

Dear friends and supporters of WFWP USA,

Did you see the clock for 2018 in our first Logic of Love News issue?

This year has barely begun, yet we've already experienced much excitement and new developments through our chairwomen and chapters in the field -- and also through our Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Dr. Moon initiated a historic Africa Summit, held in Dakar, Senegal, on January 18 to promote peace on this historically troubled but beautiful continent. She was welcomed wholeheartedly by 1,200 leaders from the entire continent -- chiefs, parliamentarians, interfaith leaders, and women leaders. What moved everyone the most was Dr. Moon's visit to Goree Island, the Senegal site that was one of the centers of the African slave trade. She wanted to visit there to pray and to bring hope and love to this place of pain. In honor of her lifelong peace leadership, she was presented with a special plaque which was embedded in a monument at Goree Island next to the ones honoring Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, and former U.S. President Obama.

In her keynote address at the summit, Dr. Moon said: “I love Africa. I pray that Africa will become a new heavenly Africa that attends Heavenly Parent. I hope to give as much love to Africa as I can. Today, with the heart of a true parent, I have come to eradicate Africa’s pain. Today, when we look at the pollution and destruction caused by people’s ignorance, we feel there is no hope for the future of humankind. That is why I want Africa to return to the healthy state it had been at the time that God created it.”

Dr. Moon speaking at the 2018 Africa SummitDr. Moon speaking at the 2018 Africa Summit

We are inspired by her example of boldly stepping out with love and heart, reaching out to one of the world's most painful places and bringing a message of hope and peace, with a motherly heart, encouraging reconciliation and new beginnings. We applaud Dr. Moon for that and feel that WFWP USA is very much in line with that theme of reconciliation, healing, and new beginnings in this new year 2018.

I invite you to collaborate with us in creating bridges and being a bridge for peace in 2018! For those who haven't made their New Year's resolutions yet, it's not too late: there is also the Chinese New Year coming up on February 27!

May we all fly on wings of forgiveness and love in 2018!



Dear esteemed leaders,

Happy New Year 2018!

A new wind is blowing in God's Providence through and with our Founder, Mother Moon!

This is to inform you of a change/addition in our WFWP USA leadership team in Boston, where our current chairwoman, Mrs. Peggy Brewster has been investing her heart and leadership for the last many years. We are truly grateful for that!

We are excited to announce that as of February 1, 2018, Mrs. Tamara Starr-Perry, a young woman leader and mother, will be joining Mrs. Brewster as the Boston WFWP USA Co-Chairwoman, and bring her gifts and talents, energy and creativity to the table, in order to move the Boston Chapter together.

We congratulate Ms. Tamara, for stepping forward to this noble task, and wish both of them well in their endeavors, to reach out to the greater community in Boston and collaborate with our sister organizations for great success.

We ask you to make a note of this change and kindly support our new team in their efforts to move the Boston chapter forward to the next level.

Angelika Selle

January 17th, 2018

President’s Corner

Dear friends,

​​Welcome to this brand-new year of 2018!

There is something beautiful and powerful about the beginning of a new year, with​ 365 blank pages of life​ available, ​waiting to be filled with good content!

Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that things will be any easier this year. However, ​as women (and men) who are committed to living by the logic of love, empowered by our Creator, we will practice to become experts in turning negatives into positives. Together, we will be able to ​contribute toward positive change in our own lives, our families, society, even the world- and thus possibly​ change the course of history!

On December 18, 2017, we said our final goodbyes to a beloved sister, colleague, coworker, and friend, Nandi Bengu, who was suddenly taken away from us after a long and very painful battle with her physical body.

On behalf of WFWP USA, all chairwomen nationwide, our board, and our staff, I would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to her husband, children, and closer family.

I personally enjoyed working with Nandi in WFWP USA, appreciated her always honest, passionate, and sometimes provocative views and thoughts, which I truly appreciated, as they came across to me as refreshing and clarifying. She was not one to tiptoe around anyone or anything, but always came straight to the point.

We thank her for her passion, love, and investment into the WFWP Chapter in Georgia, where she held the position of chairwoman for a couple of years. Nandi loved to teach the "Pure Love" Curriculum, through which she reached especially the younger generation in Georgia, and then also youth in Washington, DC. In DC, she spoke at the Annual Day of Service Project to public schools, hoping to prepare them for and save them from the traps of today's promiscuous culture and lifestyle. Nandi also facilitated a very moving Bridge of Peace Ceremony at the University of Maryland in 2013 on the occasion of WFWP USA's National Assembly. In 2014, she spoke again at the WFWP USA’s National Assembly as part of the Global Women’s Peace Network panel. She stirred the audience with her theme of "The Art of Forgiveness, Love, and Unity." Many enjoyed her public speaking and facilitating events, as she always spoke honestly, to the point, and poignantly on her subject. This is truly a talent we hope she will also utilize in the next world for the sake of peace.

Nandi and her dear friend WFWP USA Vice President Juanita Pierre LouisNandi and her dear friend WFWP USA Vice President Juanita Pierre Louis

After moving to New York City, Nandi sought to start a WFWP USA chapter in Harlem, yet shortly thereafter felt called to work with WFWP International’s UN Office in New York to reach international leaders, especially those from her homeland, South Africa.

Although Nandi was called from us so suddenly at a fairly young age, she has left behind a memorable legacy and has been imprinted in our hearts forever. We thank our WFWP USA Senior Vice President, Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis, who undoubtedly was her closest friend, ally, and prayer partner until the very end.

We thank you, dear Nandi, for all you have done for WFWP and beyond, for the person you are, and for valiantly facing your final intense struggles with your health until the last moment. You are a fighter for goodness and for God, and a heroine in your own way. We love and appreciate you so much for your fiery, passionate heart.

In that spirit let us remember her, pray for her family and children, and for her to continue to be a great advocate for goodness and righteousness in Heaven.

Nandi (center, in the blue dress suit) at the 2014 WFWP National AssemblyNandi (center, in the blue dress suit) at the 2014 WFWP National Assembly

We love you, we miss you, and wish you well on this final journey to your eternal resting place. But we have no doubt that the resting will not last long, as you will continue to invest yourself for the cause of peace and righteousness on the spiritual side.

Go in peace, dearest sister, after a job well done! You are free now and you can fly!

See you again!

With love and gratitude,

Angelika Selle, President WFWP USA
National Chairwomen, National Board, and HQ staff

Editor’s note: a GoFundMe page has been set up to support Nandi’s family, especially her two daughters, as well as to cover the costs of her funeral and the ceremony celebrating her life, which took place on January 5th. If you wish to make a donation, please visit

Also, stay tuned for a follow-up article in the next issue of Logic of Love, detailing Nandi’s contributions to WFWP over her years of service.

Nandi (far right, in the blue dress suit) at the 2014 National AssemblyNandi (far right, in the blue dress suit) at the 2014 National Assembly

Speaking at the 2014 National AssemblySpeaking at the 2014 National Assembly

Speaking at the 2014 National AssemblySpeaking at the 2014 National Assembly

Speaking at the 2014 National AssemblySpeaking at the 2014 National Assembly

Speaking at the 2014 National AssemblySpeaking at the 2014 National Assembly

Dear friends and families,

2017 for WFWP USA has been a momentous year of many unprecedented new developments, new traction in the field, and momentum toward the future.

Please enjoy reading our year-end report and see for yourself how much was accomplished in our chapters around the nation. Kudos to all our chairwomen nationwide, who are women young and older, mothers, students, professionals -- and all of them volunteers. We were able to create a lot together with your support. We consider you part of our bigger team, and thank you again so very much!

As we look into 2018, we are committed to building​ on the momentum that was created in 2017 (see our goals for 2018). The yearly theme that has emerged, based on discussions and where we see we need to go, will revolve around the word "Relationships" -- harmonious and wholesome relationships, which are key prerequisites for happiness, prosperity, and peace. In other words, we will be going from "Peace Starts with Me" to "Peace Starts with WE"!

All our events and educational programs will revolve around empowering women (and men) with knowledge and practical skills of reconciliation, bridging gaps and divides, appreciating our differences, going beyond prejudice, healing ourselves and healing family relationships, building bridges, connecting dots, and erasing barriers. It also will include making new friends, relationships, and partnerships for the sake of peace.

In other words, 2018 will be a year to "BE ON THE MOVE."

We are grateful for an awesome 2017, and we look forward to an even more successful, prosperous, and happy 2018 as we continue to "Live by the Logic of Love"!

Happy New Year to all!

Angelika S.

Dear chairwomen and leaders,

This is to inform you that as of December 9, 2017, our esteemed chairwoman, Mrs. Renate Sato, is moving on to other areas of her calling.

We wholeheartedly thank Mrs. Renate for her exemplary leadership, heart, and investment in serving the Westchester Chapter over the last 10 years.

Our best wishes for Mrs. Renate in her new undertakings, most of all continued good health and success.

Stepping into the position of chairwoman of the Westchester WFWP chapter is Mrs. Kathy Ross, who has been a consistent and ardent supporter of WFWP for many years.

Welcome, Kathy, as we look forward to your leadership and bringing the Westchester chapter to the next level!

Angelika Selle

December 18th, 2017

President's Corner December '17

Happy Holidays, dear friends and supporters!

"Let there be Peace on earth, and let it begin with ME!"

​Being surrounded by hustle and bustle, extra work hours, and stress as part of this holiday season, it is often hard to stay in a peaceful frame of mind. I would therefore like to invite you to take a moment and listen to a piece of music played by a 14-year-old young lady ​(now she is 16), ​who is dedicating her piano talent to peace and who is also a paying student member of WFWP.

You can watch the video above.

Art, music, dance, singing, poetry, and spirituality can truly lift us out of our ordinary, mundane reality onto a higher plane of joy, love, giving, and inner peace. Yet something else that can contribute to peace in a major way is for us to learn about, understand, and appreciate other cultures’ spirituality and heritage, instead of letting those aspects divide us. This is especially important here in the United States, where so many nations, peoples, and traditions are represented. This change of perspective recalls the mindset of the native sailors of Hawaii, who saw that the ocean did not so much separate them from the mainland as connect them.​

Finally, let's create peace by taking time with family and friends, being creative together, or perhaps having a Christmas-present wrapping party, as our young Newsletter Editor is suggesting here. This could just be another cool way of celebrating and enjoying this season together!

Wishing you from all of us here at WFWP USA headquarters a genuinely joyous holiday season, filled with music, blessings of the spirit, and gifts of the heart!



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December 1st, 2017

A Peace That Passes All Understanding: WFWP USA Report on Global Peace Events in Korea

On November 11, 2017, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Founder of Women's Federation for World Peace, sponsored a huge rally in Seoul Korea for the sake of peace. There have been many threats of violence and force recently between the North Korean government and the world in general. Some talk has gone as far as to promote the fear of nuclear holocaust and/or all out warfare.

Dr. Moon boldly organized this rally to call for a peaceful resolution and reunification of North and South Korea. The stadium was filled with 80,000 attendees, including over 400 from the United States, as well as many others from all over the world. A group of interfaith leaders offered prayers according to their traditions, yet with one heart and voice calling for peace and claiming it.

A WFWP USA delegation of 13 women leaders and two men had a most life-transforming, and holy experience in Korea, both at the Global Peace Rally for the Harmonious Reunification of the Korean Peninsula and at the highly inspiring Interreligious Leadership Conference which was held from November 10-14, 2017.

Everyone saw history in the making, as Christian clergy and interfaith leaders joined together in the spirit of love and unity at the conference. Our ladies were impressed by WFWP founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s meticulous preparations for the rally, and her bold sharing with the 80,000-plus audience at the World Cup Stadium. In her speech which was delivered without notes, Dr. Moon called on all present to live a life with God and to live for the sake of others, and God’s Providence for the nation of Korea. All guests, both men and women, were deeply inspired by her message. (See reflections on the entire conference and rally below.)

We saw history unfolding when representatives of all the major religions signed a declaration to launch a new organization, the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), which is now a partner organization to the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). The IAPD represents spiritual leadership and the IAPP (which was launched only last year) is made up of political leaders and parliamentarians. Knowing that Father and Mother Moon had been working for decades to inspire the political realm and the spiritual realm to work together for the sake of peace, it was awe-inspiring to see the vision manifesting right there before our eyes.

It was an honor for our WFWP delegation to sign this document of the IAPD on that day, before Mother Moon’s placed her signature on it at the evening banquet and celebration.

Throughout the events, the powerful spirit and presence of God, and that of both our founders was felt. It also became evident to all that Mother Moon is, as someone said, "a most unusual, amazing, brilliant peace leader of our times “who produces Heaven for everyone in every setting she creates.” The peace that "passes all understanding" was experienced among all 400 conference participants in a most authentic way.

One point to note is that on several occasions, several women speakers mentioned the importance of women's role in peacemaking, and that in fact, peace cannot become a reality unless women are included in this process.

The next day, WFWP USA President Angelika Selle was on the program to introduce WFWP at one of the ILC sessions. She emphasized that when WFWP was co-founded in 1992 by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and Rev. Sun Myung Moon, they foresaw even then that a time would come when women would be playing a pivotal role for peace. Since then, we have been in what they called the "Era of Women."

President Selle briefly introduced the international founding of WFWP and then focused on the latest developments, activities, and educational programs in the U.S., such as the Leadership of the Heart Curriculum and raising the next generation. She also emphasized that we are not here to "compete with men, but to complete each other." Her presentation was received extremely well by all, including the male leaders in the audience.

European GroupEuropean Group

Upon returning to the U.S., many are still "digesting" what they experienced, each person in a very unique and personal way. As Mother Gail Clouden put it: "I am still reflecting because more and more is yet being revealed to me each day. It was truly awesome, and to God be the glory!" (Please read her full reflection below.)

On a personal note, for me, the most powerful takeaway from these events, interfaith prayers, testimonies, and Dr. Moon’s speech was a sense of absolute certainty that not only is peace on the Korean Peninsula possible, but that it will indeed happen!

As one of the presenters at the ILC said, and I paraphrase, "President Kim Jong Un could go down in history in his lifetime and become a famous legend if he would allow his North Korean people to embrace democracy, as did President Gorbachev in Russia."

Is it time for miracles? Maybe it is, and it is time for all peace-loving global citizens, women and men alike, to stand together and affirm what our creator -- regardless of what name we call Him -- has intended for us all: to live in peace together as one family under God. May we work tirelessly until this noble dream is realized!


“By far, this has been the most profound and auspicious experience of my life. It was incredibly humbling and empowering to be in the presence of such diversity of faith, where God's love through intentions of peace was an expressed movement we can all take back to our individual communities. I personally had an opportunity to heal at a new level in my life, ancestrally, and in my relationship to the world.

I thank you all, and the grace of Mother Moon, so much for being included in such a groundbreaking and evolutionary moment in history.”
Dr. Susan Taffer, AZ

“BLESSINGS and THANK YOU to Mother Moon and Women's Federation for World Peace for inviting me to travel to Seoul on a peace mission for reconciliation with religions leaders and others from around the world!

It was a life-changing experience for me, and will be for years to come.

I believe the gathering of God's people in Korea was so powerful and beyond our knowing. I believe there was a calmness felt around the world while we assembled because of the intentions of the many that were called and the many that wanted to come and the many that came.

I also believe Mother Earth is calling for a special healing for Mother Africa, and this was a new beginning for the new world. Thanks you for allowing this opportunity to help make the world a better place. We did that as ONE!

I watched the most incredible connections being made between individuals who didn't even speak the same language. I am still reflecting, because more and more is being revealed to me each day. It was truly AWESOME! To God be the glory!

Thank you, Mother Moon for your obedience to God. Also, to Ms. Jizly Dohou, Reverend Juanita Pierre-Louis and President Angelika Selle -- you all allowed me to see what I speak of to groups and individuals often. However, it is in divine order, always! You all allowed me to see in the physical!

It is very necessary at a time when the female energy is so needed to change the world that more of an effort be made to put women in the proper place: sharing leadership roles with male leaders.”
Min Gail Clouden, PA


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November 1st, 2017

President's Corner

Dear friends,

Pre-Thanksgiving greetings to one and all!

There is peace in the air... at least, we hear voices for peace here and there, especially in September during the time of International Peace Day.

Why are voices for peace so important? They matter because they provide a much-needed counterpoint to the ugliness that is occurring in many parts of the world and even in our own backyard, such as:

Wars - In the Syrian civil war, well over 400,000 have so far been killed. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands are still dying in conflicts over minerals.
Poverty - It's estimated that 21,000 poverty-stricken children die every day from hunger and easily preventable diseases.
Addiction - At least 100 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses.
Gun violence - Some 30,000 Americans die each year as a result of suicide and homicide.

And there is a great deal more going on... Violence occurs on so many different levels, and it sometimes seems as if we humans are hellbent on destroying each other, our own selves, and this planet Earth.

This should be a wakeup call that it is time for all peace-loving citizens, from local to global, to coalesce and make our voices heard, sharing messages of hope, reconciliation, wisdom, and self-change wherever we are and whenever we can, because PEACE DOES START WITH ME. The only long-term antidote to war and senseless killings is prayers and actions for peace, creating an atmosphere in which peace can grow, through education and through leadership that builds up caring and sharing in our families, communities, nations, and world.

It's in light of this that we applaud and pray for our Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who is currently preparing a "Peace Starts With Me" public rally in Seoul's World Cup Stadium on November 11. She is is seeking to bring to the table a voice for peace on the international stage, especially concerning the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea.

Let us join her in prayer and action wherever we are, because each action of love, care, reconciliation, forgiveness, and serving others makes a difference on the global level. We are all in this together!

Here is an action step you can do right away: Send a peace message to a friend or foe today, and then repeat such an action every day!

And let's keep in mind the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: "We must learn to live together as brothers (and sisters) or perish together as fools!"

Wishing you peace in all you do!

Angelika Selle
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November 1st, 2017

Honoring Mrs. Kaye Allen for 25 years of Service

WFWP USA's Treasurer and Secretary, Mrs. Kaye Allen, decided to move on to other areas of her passion after 25 years of loyal service. Mrs. Allen was honored with a plaque and small gift from the organization, presented by President Selle, Vice-President Katarina Connery, Administrator Kiyomi Schmidt and Financial Administrator and new treasurer, Irmgard Baynes on October 3, 2017.

Also the WFWP USA National Board had decided to create a Kaye Allen Award Fund in her appreciation.

Thank you, Mrs. Allen, for your service, love, and sacrifice for all these years!

We love you!

Stay tuned for a future article highlighting the details of Mrs. Allen’s contributions.



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