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24th Annual WFWP USA Assembly. Why Attend?

Written by  October 31st, 2016
24th Annual WFWP USA Assembly. Why Attend?
“The Hope of Humanity Comes from Mothers”. These are the words of WFWP Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. Her vision and belief is that peace cannot be accomplished from the outside, but must begin on the inside. Especially from the quiet voice that speaks to all human beings to be good and to do good. At this time of global and local crisis, WFWP International President Dr. Moon is calling on all women and mothers (and also all men and fathers), to listen to that quiet inner voice and to act on it; to work together beyond differences of race, nationality, or religion for the sake of the higher common good of all of humanity. The time is ripe for a different paradigm of leadership, now more than ever, and that is what we will be talking about and exploring in this year’s 24th Anniversary National Assembly.

But more specifically, why attend? What’s in it for me? Below are seven reasons that personally inspire me:

1. Speakers: Several experts in their fields will share new ideas and challenge us to shift our mind and heart to a new way of thinking. They will be addressing hot issues that are the silent killer of human spirit and dignity and giving practical take-away points, on the topic of compassionate sustainable leadership.

2. Learning and Fun: Through interactive breakout sessions, you can experience laughter yoga, learn how to develop a healthy and happy sex life in marriage, get practical tips on turning your passions into a sustainable project, and so much more.

3. Healing rifts and relationships: Through the Bridge of Peace, open a path to address and resolve current issues and heal the pain and wounds of the past. Learn from those who cross the Bridge the skill of reconciliation and solving issues with intelligence and heart instead of violence.

4. HerStory Award, Veterans Award: We will uplift, celebrate, and honor those who have made a difference by overcoming the odds and making a difference through their outstanding example.

5. Action: WFWP is motivated and propelled forward through a mother’s heart and the Logic of Love which is expressed in a multitude of service and relief projects from the local to the international level reaching out beyond the United States and serving the world. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve,”

6. The Blessing of marriage breakout session and Ceremony will introduce a new way of looking at marriage and provide knowledge and tools to make our marriages last. WFWP USA’s core tenet is that, “Healthy Families are the School of Love and the Foundation for a happy society and world. A healthy family based on morals and ethics will provide fertile ground for leaders of integrity, conscience, and compassion who will care for the greater good more than for themselves.”

7. Your Presence is very important and appreciated, as we TOGETHER will create something new and amazing for everyone. I know that through your presence and contributions, this work for peace will be blessed and will multiply more quickly

What inspires me the most about this year’s assembly is the involvement of the next generation of young women and of our local chairwomen, especially our local New Jersey chapter, in planning and executing this wonderful gathering.

Will you join us there? I sincerely hope so!