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25th Anniversary Celebration Taking Shape in Arizona

Written by  Logic of Love Editorial Staff April 2nd, 2017
25th Anniversary Celebration Taking Shape in Arizona

Arizona Chairwoman Rhia Luz has been deeply inspired by Mother Moon’s guidance that a parent is looking for a child who can do ten or twenty things beyond what the parent asks; and has embraced the spirit to take initiative in creating activities that can fulfill a more peaceful world through “Vision 2020.” Thus, she thought that celebrating WFWP’s 25th anniversary this year would reach many people to educate them on Mother Moon’s vision to inspire all women to work together. She brought her idea to local WFWP supporters who were deeply inspired and committed to work together on this event.

Several local Arizona beauty queens, their moms, and Naye Olvera, online radio hostess, were very inspired to join in creating, supporting, and promoting the 25th Anniversary celebration. Their enthusiasm is quite contagious and is spreading to many others. Naye enlisted her co-host, Irma Deihl, a popular radio and TV show host in Arizona’s Latina community; to be the emcee for the event. WFWP member and supporter Elizabeth Inganamort also helped create connections in her community, scheduling aired promotions of their event through the local radio on three occasions up to the event. Rhia has served and invested her heart in her local communities, to embody the love of Father and Mother Moon that she has learned over the years.

At the Olive GardenAt the Olive Garden

To advertise their upcoming event, Rhia and the WFWP Arizona Chapter were invited to come on March 6 and be interviewed on the online radio, Entre Mujeres. The title of the show was “De Mujer a Mujer” (Woman to Woman). Miss Teen Latina 2016 Emily Ramirez and her mother came to promote the event along with Ms. Sherrie Nattrass, one of the speakers for the 25th Anniversary celebration. Emily and her mother are very moved and inspired to be part of the Arizona chapter because of attending last year’s Bridge of Peace ceremony. Emily’s mother encourages her daughter to join WFWP activities because she knows it is an organization of substance helping people. On the show they promoted WFWP, highlighting Arizona’s upcoming 25th Anniversary Celebration on May 20. After the show, they enjoyed dinner together at Olive Garden and spoke further about the anniversary celebration.

Congratulations to Rhia and the Arizona chapter on making many waves in the community as you prepare for your event on May 20th! /videos/ entremujerestips 819912238160263/

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