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Embracing Another’s Situation As My Own: Singleton Moms Gala

Written by  Ms. Karen Esguerra April 3rd, 2017
Embracing Another’s Situation As My Own: Singleton Moms Gala

Have you ever taken a moment to absorb your surroundings to capture them? In this broken generation that we find ourselves living in, it is often hard to be present among our peers in our communities. People are often blinded by things and activities that only will benefit them. If so, take heart, because Singleton Moms advocates for and works to correct some of what is wrong with their society.

On February 18, 2017 I attended the annual Singleton Giving Hands Gala. Celebrating at this gala recaps the significance of this charity organization. It captures the efforts and the unity established among the families and the organization within its borders. Families come from across the country and join together to share the essence of this ceremony. Among us are heroes embodying the substance of kind gestures towards one another that heal a community that needs love. Within this organization, a stranger exploring ways of devoting time to others discovers families who become their own. Offering oneself for another is a true act of love that our generation has mainly forgotten.

During the Gala, parents talked about what it means to be a Singleton Parent. For them, being a Singleton parent means that the worries of everyday life no longer have to be faced alone. The lonely emotions that drench a person’s heart were removed by the affection and support the organization performs for these families. The Singleton staff and volunteers become the advocates for their families to the point where the bond is as great as if they came from the same bloodline.

Having attended the gala, I personally understood more deeply why as a civilization we must come together and learn to value the meaning of good health in our families. Truly, the trouble the families in this organization and the families that haven’t yet been embraced in this organization face are far more ghastly than can be imagined unless you live through it.

During these tough times, these families battling cancer run through the finish line where the end of the race may mean having hope in a life where grief may take over. These families continue to condition themselves to run a good race all the way to the end, even if that race turns out to be a short one. Let us all become an instrument of healing hands instead of grabbing things for ourselves. In that way, we can transform our surroundings into a more beneficial environment for ourselves and others.