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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of WFWP Today!

Written by  April 13th, 2017
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of WFWP Today!
Join us in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Women's Federation for World Peace, which was inaugurated 25 years ago today!

This inauguration coupled as the launch of the "Global Era of Women," with the grand vision of sustainable peace for all humankind.

Today we congratulate and send our sincere appreciation to our Founders of this beautiful organization. We also honor and thank all the women, friends, and supporters of WFWP for your investment over these many years.

Here is to the next 25 years of even greater development. May we continue to be a beacon of hope and light, as we advance to even greater heights together with the next generation of peace leaders.

Angelika Selle and WFWP USA

Excerpt on the founding of WFWP by Mother Moon on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary in 2012:

The goal of WFWP was not to become another secular women's organization. It does not aim to be an external, political, or combative women's rights movement targeting the misdeeds of men. Nor does it exist just to advocate the expansion of women's rights, gender equality and the women's labor movement. Rather, it is a global peace movement on an entirely new level with the providential significance of realizing the ideal world that was God's vision at the time of Creation.

WFWP was inaugurated in an historic moment of providential significance, and has engaged in diverse activities over the past 20 years, geared to realizing the vision and ideals of pure love, happy families, and a peaceful world that transcends the barriers of race, religion, language, and national boundaries. This has been carried out in the spirit of Rev. Moon's founding message, which urged us to expand a model movement of true love to the whole world based on living for the sake of others.

WFWP is an organization compelled by maternal love. We have achieved remarkable growth and development through promoting the establishment of families centered on true love. Its extensive educational programs and worldwide volunteer activities are aimed at elevating the status of women. These activities have contributed to the alleviation of international conflicts and have excelled at promoting reconciliation.