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Warm Sunlight and Warm Hearts Honor Chicago Chapter Chairwoman Transition Ceremony

Written by  March 3rd, 2017
The transition ceremony The transition ceremony

The unseasonably warm weather in Chicago greeted us on that Sunday, February 19, 2017. The bright and warm sun, sent by God to warm our hearts, set the ideal temperament for the emotional service that was held at the Chicago Family Church. WFWP members and friends from not only Chicago, but from neighboring states gathered to officially honor Patricia Fliginger who has been the WFWP Midwest regional chairlady for the past six years. Pat and her husband Brent have four children, and both of them are very active in their church community. Patricia’s constant service in many organizations as well as in WFWP was highlighted and appreciated during the service.

During the service, Ms. Kathryn Davis was ceremoniously installed as the new WFWP chairwoman for the Chicago Chapter. Kathryn is also a member of the same church community, and has earned the love and respect of leaders in all aspects of her involvement. Kathryn has two daughters and is an active member of WFWP Chicago, serving as a consultant for the chapter and has supporting many chapter events over the years.

Distinguished guests who came especially for this transition ceremony included Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional President of FFWPU in North America, Rev. Jeff Schmidt, District Pastor of the 7th District of FFWPU, Rev. David Rendel, Senior Pastor of the Chicago Family Church, and special guest Mrs. Katarina Connery, Vice President, WFWP USA. Katarina and her husband received a warm welcome, especially after an unfortunate flight delay. After giving the morning message directed on her personal experience regarding Mother Moon, she thanked Pat for her dedication and hard work on behalf of WFWP President Angelika Selle, the Board, WFWP members, and staff. She presented a beautiful plaque award that had been prepared by the local chapter, noting Pat’s service and attributes. Katarina then introduced Kathryn as the new Chicago chair and congratulated her. It was quite obvious that Kathryn was elated and ready to serve.

Fannie with Patricia and Kathryn DavisFannie with Patricia and Kathryn Davis

Having worked with both of these two ladies as the Coordinator for the Schools of Africa Project, I look forward to continuing my relationship with them to accomplish our goals and develop our chapter.

A meeting with the WFWP supporters from the south side of Chicago had been planned during the brief visit of Katarina, but owing to their flight cancellation, it was not possible. As ardent supporters of the Chicago chapter, they took a photo to show they await her next visit to welcome her.