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HerStory Recipient Honors Ladies in Her Church

Written by  May 1st, 2017
HerStory Recipient Honors Ladies in Her Church

Patricia Lofton was a HerStory honoree at the WFWP National Assembly in New Jersey last year. She is very involved with teaching character education and Sunday School classes to children in Irvington, New Jersey, an inner city community with many struggling families. Patricia also attends the Deliverance, Jesus is Coming Church.

In March, when I asked Patricia what her plans were for Women's History Month, Patricia was uncertain about what she could do, I recommended that she honor the outstanding women in her church.The date was set for March 19, 2017.

As the discussions for the event progressed, I explained the Bridge of Peace Ceremony and the possibility of a Celebration and rededication of Marriage Ceremony. Patricia loved the idea of both programs. Her church agreed to prepare a Celebration of Marriage Ceremony as conducted by the Family Federation for World Peace.

Prior to the event, Patricia especially requested to focus on the older mothers in the church, to receive this kind of blessing, as their lives were soon going to end, and more than anyone else, they deserved to be appreciated in that way. Patricia informed me that all the ladies' husbands were already deceased, and that they had been married for over 30 years.

When the ladies partook of the Holy Wine, symbolizing reaffirmation and renewal of their commitment to God and their spouses in eternity, all of the Elders and their spouses, Deacons, and other dignitaries sitting on the stage in the pulpit area were moved to join in.

Mother Thelma Staples sent a card of gratitude afterwards, saying:;'You don;t know what you have done for me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much!" Currently, I am slowly getting to know the Bishop and his Pastor wife better. I am hoping that it will lead to another Blessing for the elders and other members of their congregation. I am hopeful for opportunities to collaborate more in the future with this wonderful lady and her friends.