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On Sunday, August 27th, we had a wonderful Schools of Africa Rummage Sale. People generously brought their treasures for us to sell. As African music filled the sunny day, our spirits and feet danced. Neighbors, church friends, and members were very happy to see us out for such a wonderful cause. We are grateful for everyone's generosity and so happy that we were able to generate funds of $400 for the Schools of Africa. A dear WFWP friend, Yvonne Benevides, gave of her time, warm heart, and lively spirit.   Schools of Africa Donation PageFor more information on how funds have been used to benefit Schools of Africa, please read this article by Fannie M. Smith, WFWP’s National Schools of Africa Coordinator.  

Sweet Peace on Earth

January 30th, 2017
In December 2016 we had a wonderful Holiday Gratitude Gathering. We shared love, joy, gifts, and delicious foods with each other. We also brought gifts to help women at the Seattle Jubilee Women’s Center ( Jubilee offers residential housing as well as learning and training opportunities for qualified non-residential low income women who earn less than $19,000 a year at their Learning and Opportunity Center (LOC).Ella Byrne shared about her experiences at the WFWP National Assembly and Julia Granstrom shared about her experience at the recent WFWP retreat in Tampa, Florida. A representative from Jubilee spoke to us as well. We are very grateful for this outreach, and for having an opportunity to help them in their good work to help low-income women get back on their feet and get…
Seattle has one of the highest volumes of sex trafficking in the United States. In Seattle, as well as in the rest of the world, the majority of victims are women and girls. Most of these women are controlled and enslaved through substance abuse, physical and psychological abuse, and social isolation from their families and community.While patrolling south Seattle late in 2005, King County Deputy Sheriff Andy Conner, would see these girls and was faced with the heart-breaking choice of picking them up and sending them to jail, or of ignoring them. Driven by his faith, the stories these women told him, and the necessity of finding an alternative safe place for them to go instead of to jail; he founded a drop-in center called The Genesis Project. The Genesis…
The Seattle, Washington Chapter of WFWP has been busy in February and March, collecting purses filled with soaps, toothbrushes, snacks, towels, and other essential items. They were then donated to the "Jubilee House Boutique." WFWP is very grateful to the good-hearted women who collected and filled these purses and who have a heart to use what they have to help those in desperate situations. The Jubilee Women's Center supports women who are experiencing poverty to build stable and fulfilling futures, one extraordinary woman at a time. The center is guided by the principle that all women deserve respect and dignity. Jubilee's programs and services help women make permanent life changes. Then, in March, WFWP Seattle had a fundraiser to support another 501(c)3 organization: Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). LiNK is an…

Seattle Blanket Donation

December 5th, 2011
On December 5, 2011, we delivered quilted baby blankets and reversible baby pants to the Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC: in Kent, Washington. Our long-time member Itsuko Bodzewski diligently sewed them over the past months with the help of her daughter Michelle; the reversible pants show cat, dog, and flower motifs on the main side and are complimented on the reverse with cat and dog paws or butterflies. Really cute! These little pants were sewn with much creativity and thoughtfulness. Much of the material was donated by Patricia Couweleers, our former chairwoman in Washington. The PICC is a warm and loving nursery caring for babies that are medically fragile, specializing in infants prenatally exposed to drugs. Elaine Purchase, the Development Director, gave us a tour of the new nursery…
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