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P. P. P. "Press, Pass the Pain"

Written by  Minister Chi Mauuso December 30th, 2015
P. P. P. "Press, Pass the Pain"

Get out of Spirit's Way - the Naomi Story, Ruth 1

What is Pain's Function?
What is Pain Saying?
I have been sent down to bring the truth up.
Pain has come to teach you something
So get out of Spirit's way.
Look at the Pain, the "Storms" in your life.
And, know that Spirit will bring you a message
When "U" stop holding back.
STOP withholding your love.

And, Love "Pain" healthy.
Love "Pain" whole.
You need to understand what your role is
When pain comes around you.
Your role is not to get into the emotion of pain,
But rather to understand what lesson pain has for you to learn,
In order for you to move into the next level
In your Journey of Life.

"Pain is here to bring life forward,"
And until you've learned each lesson,
U can't move forward.
And, Until "U" handle it with Grace,
It's going to stay in your face.

When Wisdom comes and you are not ready for the change,
You will be destroyed like the twin towers!!
"U shall Fall."
"All Changes, Happen because, it is Needed.
And, Until U handle it with Grace, "It's going to stay in your face."

"With Knowledge Comes Responsibility."