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President's Corner October '17

Written by  October 2nd, 2017
President's Corner October '17
Warm greetings from Women's Federation for World Peace USA on this special month of International Peace 2017!

The world is more at war than ever before - in addition to a nuclear threat, there at least 10 wars currently going on abroad, not to speak of the wars that are going on in our own backyard, such as racism, domestic violence, human trafficking, and so much more. It is a time of great uncertainty and fear for many. (Our hearts go out to all victims of the recent Hurricanes and earthquake in Mexico.)

It is therefore also the time where ambassadors for peace, peacemakers, and peace institutions are needed the most to work together and create ways to turn the tide for peaceful resolutions.

Peace is possible, and it starts with each of us, with me and with WE (as we turn the me around).

Thanks to all WFWP chapters who held various peace events in collaboration with other organizations or a small one in their home!

Peace to all,

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