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August 15th, 2016
Published in System
"According to the principle through which God created the universe, all things exist in couples, as an initiating subject and a responsive object team. A woman is thus a whole and perfect partner through whom a man can achieve harmonious unity in the ideal of God's principle.... [A] man and woman should not exist in a relationship of hostility or opposition, where the characteristics and qualities of the other are to be mimicked or coveted. There is no need for that, because man and woman belong to each other. Their relationship is designed to be one where all their qualities as well as possessions are shared with each other so as to bring each to completion and perfection, and thus together become something greater than…
Published in National
Each year the city of Columbus, Ohio sponsors an International Festival. This year's 59 such festival was on November 8-9. The featured attractions included an International Food Court, concession booths displaying products from a wide spectrum of nations, and a children's area with crafts and a bicycle safety riding course. Booths were provided for political associations, religious groups, social service organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs like WFWP. The event started out with a Naturalized Citizenship Oath Ceremony by the Honorable Judge Edmund Sargus Jr. Columbus International Festival 2014Throughout the day there were nonstop dance groups from across the globe on the main stage. The WAIT Team (Washington AIDS International Teens), performed this year with outstanding break-dancing moves and an informative HIV prevention skit. Some of the…
Published in Ohio
In the middle of February in subfreezing temperatures 200 men and women world leaders gathered at the International Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korea. The conference was entitled "Toward a New Paradigm for Peace and Human Development" and was co-sponsored by WFWP, Family Federation for World Peace, The Washington Times, and Segae Ilbo, a Korean newspaper. These conferences occur twice a year in Korea. This year's setting, from February 9-12, was smaller than usual but of excellent quality. All presenters brought forth many great ideas filled with insights into what it takes to bring about change, or a needed paradigm shift, for making world peace a reality in various world areas, such as Northeast Asia and the Middle East, and in various cultural areas, such as…
Published in National