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The other day I thought of you In my mind's eye, I saw you Lovely Sister with a beautiful smile. Began my day and turned my dial. Since then, I'm thinking all the time Why don't my sister and I dine? Let's dress to the T's and wear a hat My lovely sister and I, out to eat Breakfast, lunch, or dinner; Please consider and let me know. I'm home all day with my phone, Waiting for you to call. So we can be alone, Together, dining, sharing -- together.
Published in Denver
A.F.R.I.CA Africa, my Africa,How beautiful You are!But You are not loved and admired,Instead Blood and Misery are Your daily Diet.Africa, my Africa,How pitiful You are! Africa, our Africa,How very special You are!Deep in our Hearts You are loved and admired,But still You are tortured by Your daily Diet.Africa, our Africa,How abused, mistreated and neglected You are! Africa, God's Africa,Oh, how wonderful You are!Absolutely You will be loved and admired,God's Love and Truth shall be Your daily Diet.Rise and bow,True Parents have come!All will be free,One by One!Africa, God's Africa,See, how richly Blessed You are! By Mrs. Sabine Kouassi, 1999
Published in National
Get out of Spirit's Way - the Naomi Story, Ruth 1 What is Pain's Function?What is Pain Saying?I have been sent down to bring the truth up.Pain has come to teach you somethingSo get out of Spirit's way.Look at the Pain, the "Storms" in your life.And, know that Spirit will bring you a messageWhen "U" stop holding back.STOP withholding your love. And, Love "Pain" healthy.Love "Pain" whole.You need to understand what your role isWhen pain comes around you.Your role is not to get into the emotion of pain,But rather to understand what lesson pain has for you to learn,In order for you to move into the next levelIn your Journey of Life. "Pain is here to bring life forward,"And until you've learned each lesson,U can't…
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Participants from across the country came together to not only experience a beautiful retreat in San Antonio, Texas, but to also come up with action steps for the next year including plans for the national conference in October. "The new type of leadership is by showing love through service and example. It's not about positions and leadership, " President of WFWP USA Angelika Selle said. "If we bring back the past, we'll destroy what we already built. In the New Jersey chapter, led by Denneze Nelson, she shared how doing local projects contributed to their success. But also believed that there needs to be more programs geared to educating /raising young women leaders. Nelson also shared the importance of working with a team, and thanked…
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A New Friend!

August 7th, 2012
I have many friendsWho do not know that I exist.I have heard themOn the radio, or on TV.Their words have touchedThe very fiber of my soulBrought tears to flowBrought music up into the holeThat's been inside my soul. Ancestors, spirits sing againShow me the pathThat brings me homeHome to Creator's arms--My Parents' arms.A new day dawnsLife's been renewedMy life's been touchedBy someone living his or hers. When will we meet?Or is that not to be? One human family weOne human raceOne God and one Creator here,Embrace the lightAnd bring it to your soul...My friend helps make me wholeBut doesn't even know that I exist! July 7, 2012 3:20AM

A Spiritual Shift

August 7th, 2012
A spiritual shift is what we need To calm our splintered souls.Because we did not know our placeWithin God's realm of selflessnessA selfish one came in betweenInserted terror, anger, greedWhere only love was meant to dwellAs our hearts shriveled – broke apart. Shattered beings we clutch, grab, and holdWe look up to the sky, ask why oh why?Perhaps within our DNA the answer waitsGod's love is there, but fear has blinded usMakes us see the wrongs that hold us captive hereWithin our fear and greed and hate. A spiritual shift is what we needTo look beyond, forgive the past.Our parents long ago gave us a twisted taleThat they believed, from one whose hateEnslaved and made us follow himBelieving we were not enoughWe needed him to…

Bridge of Peace

August 2nd, 2012
Acknowledgement, Confession,Repentance, Forgiveness...Steps to reconciliation make.We bow in deep repentanceAncestors cry tears of anguish and regretLonging for release from crimesInflicted long ago,Not forgotten,Not forgiven,Haunt us to this day. Stepping up in their place, we bow,Acknowledge ancestral crimes,Historical trauma inflicted without shameSeek forgivenessFrom their victim's eyes. Will you walk the Bridge with me?Heal historical trauma deep?Bring hidden to the surface nowOpen hearts, and learn to love? Never againThese crimes against humanityWill tempt our beating heartsFor we have foundThe one true loveThat goes beyond external wallsWeaves us into oneCreator's dream comes true!The Bridge of Peace is being builtOne crossing at a time.