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A Big THANK YOU! WFWPI 25th Anniversary Party

Written by  April 3rd, 2017
A Big THANK YOU! WFWPI 25th Anniversary Party

WFWP USA and WFWP International hosted a big celebration of the 25th Anniversary that took place on March 17th, 2017, with about 120 guests from the US and abroad. Our emcee, Katarina Connery, Vice President of WFWP USA, opened the program with her youthful and genuine spirit and briefly introduced the purpose of the evening, which was two-fold: to honor all international volunteers of the first 25 years of WFWP and then CELEBRATE!

WFWP USA President Angelika Selle shared a brief word of warm welcome, and recognized the international delegations, former and current leaders present from the United States, and the male representatives in the room.

International President Yeon Ah Moon then gave her special remarks thanking especially all men present for their support. She shared that “WFWP cannot fulfill our true role and mission without the help of our men, brothers, husbands and sons.” She thanked the many volunteers who made WFWP successful over the last 25 years and wished all well for the next quarter of a century to be even more successful.

A very moving video was shown depicting all volunteers worldwide who had received an award. The categories included outstanding long term service, outstanding financial contribution to the work of WFWP, and outstanding long term service from those who have passed away. Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, UN Secretary General of the UN office in Geneva and IVP of Europe, called all awardees by name, and thanked all volunteers in the room for their contribution.

We were very happy and proud that one of our awardees from the US was present, Mrs. Denneze Nelson, chairwoman for the state of New Jersey. She and Mrs. Friederike Buczyk from the WFWP UN team came on stage to receive their awards. The other awardees from the US included Sheri Rueter, who received a special plaque to honor her many years of service and investment, Linda Marshall Perry who was instrumental for acquiring the General Consultative Status at the UN, and Mr. Dan Bankus who truly supports the work of women at this time.

The dance floor didn’t seem big enough to hold what then followed: Dancing, moves, singing and joyful expression lead by Mr. Luke Higuchi who pulled almost everyone in the room on the dance floor and engaged them into line dancing. Apple Heaven USA provided just the right music, ambiance and backdrop to this very joyful occasion, concluding 25 years of amazing work of women, and opening up the next chapter of WFWP.