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WFWP Takes Root in Grand Rapids

Written by  Mr. Hebangja Kisile May 1st, 2017
WFWP Takes Root in Grand Rapids
On April 8th, at the Wealthy Community Center, the Women’s Federation of World Peace had its first public conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After the successful fundraiser for the Schools of Africa in November last year, the women in Grand Rapids organized this conference to solidify the foundation for further WFWP activities in Grand Rapids.

Members of the WFWP Detroit and Chicago chapters drove to Grand Rapids to support this event. The fact that other women drove from Detroit and Chicago to participate to the conference increased the guests’ interest in WFWP. One guest said, "This is so interesting, I have never heard of it!"

An energetic spirit filled the room, animated by lively music and a large variety of foods, both American and international. Everyone enjoyed the ambiance and atmosphere of the gathering. After listening to the introductory presentation to WFWP "What is WFWP?" given my Chicago Chairwoman Kathryn Davies, two ladies decided to join the organization and also assist in expanding it in Grand Rapids. I have to note that one of the two members is of the Muslim faith and she was very interested in the "Bridge of Peace activity” that Kathryn Davis had mentioned in her speech.

It is true that there is still a lot of work to be done, but WFWP is off to a great start in Grand Rapids. We were honored by the participation of four Grand Rapids Community College professors and a social worker and through that, the opportunity to expand our work in Grand Rapids.

Since October 2016, Mrs. Claudine Kisile and Miss Florence Karine have been working together to establish WFWP in Grand Rapids. They are looking forward to promoting the vision and mission of WFWP in Grand Rapids especially now that more people will be working together with them as a result of this afternoon’s gathering.