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Empower Women with the Crown of Glory: My Daughter Your Daughter Inaugural Ceremony

Written by  March 3rd, 2017
Attendees of the inauguration Attendees of the inauguration

On Thursday, February 2nd, the newly inaugurated non-profit organization, “My Daughter, Your Daughter,” hosted an event held at in Midtown Manhattan, to raise awareness of young girls that are being abused, forced into labor, and deprived of an education. Their mission statement is to “empower young women with the crown of glory they deserve;” so that women can stand up for themselves and become great leaders in the future. More than one hundred participants gathered, including the New York Chapter of WFWP. The event was filled with guests speakers and performances.

One of the guest speakers of this special event was Mrs. Katarina Connery, vice president of WFWP USA, who spoke about how women throughout the world are mistreated and marginalized. She highlighted a few examples, such as the four million women per year in the United States who experience physical violence from their intimate partners. Katarina also mentioned WFWP Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s, views on feminists, who have primarily responded to the unequal treatment of women by seeking to combat against men for their rights. She explained that, rather, women should complete men as equal partners, and not compete against them. We need both sides of masculine and feminine leadership to bring world peace. Katarina ended her speech by encouraging the women of the audience to let their voices be heard and empower themselves and each other as women of dignity, beauty, and value. Other speakers included Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya II, CEO of My Daughter, Your Daughter; the Hon. Senator Kevin Parker of New York State Senate 21st District; and the Hon. William C. Mckoy, Third Ward Councilman of Paterson, New Jersey.

In addition to the performances and awards presented to those that contributed to the organization, one highlight of the evening was a mini trivia game. This was in preparation for an academic competition which will be hosted by My Daughter Your Daughter on a later date, during which winning students will be awarded several academic scholarships. To get the excitement going, young women from the audience, ages 12-18, were invited to participate and answer a few sample questions. Each contestant had to answer a question, and if they got it right, they got one point.

Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya II, CEO of My Daughter Your Daughter, with staffPrince A.Z.K. Adekoya II, CEO of My Daughter Your Daughter, with staff

Although the game consisted of trivia questions such as “which first lady said this quote,” there were also open-ended questions. For example, the participants were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. The majority of them said that they want to be teachers. It was a fun activity that the audience enjoyed as much as the participants did, and everyone was moved by the thoughtful responses from the young students, who represent the future of our country.

Overall, it was a wonderful event; but more importantly, it was a great reminder that women should be celebrated and honored instead of being looked down upon and abused.