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A Peace That Passes All Understanding: WFWP USA Report on Global Peace Events in Korea

Written by  December 1st, 2017
Angelika Selle signing a document for the new organization Angelika Selle signing a document for the new organization

On November 11, 2017, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Founder of Women's Federation for World Peace, sponsored a huge rally in Seoul Korea for the sake of peace. There have been many threats of violence and force recently between the North Korean government and the world in general. Some talk has gone as far as to promote the fear of nuclear holocaust and/or all out warfare.

Dr. Moon boldly organized this rally to call for a peaceful resolution and reunification of North and South Korea. The stadium was filled with 80,000 attendees, including over 400 from the United States, as well as many others from all over the world. A group of interfaith leaders offered prayers according to their traditions, yet with one heart and voice calling for peace and claiming it.

A WFWP USA delegation of 13 women leaders and two men had a most life-transforming, and holy experience in Korea, both at the Global Peace Rally for the Harmonious Reunification of the Korean Peninsula and at the highly inspiring Interreligious Leadership Conference which was held from November 10-14, 2017.

Everyone saw history in the making, as Christian clergy and interfaith leaders joined together in the spirit of love and unity at the conference. Our ladies were impressed by WFWP founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s meticulous preparations for the rally, and her bold sharing with the 80,000-plus audience at the World Cup Stadium. In her speech which was delivered without notes, Dr. Moon called on all present to live a life with God and to live for the sake of others, and God’s Providence for the nation of Korea. All guests, both men and women, were deeply inspired by her message. (See reflections on the entire conference and rally below.)

We saw history unfolding when representatives of all the major religions signed a declaration to launch a new organization, the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), which is now a partner organization to the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). The IAPD represents spiritual leadership and the IAPP (which was launched only last year) is made up of political leaders and parliamentarians. Knowing that Father and Mother Moon had been working for decades to inspire the political realm and the spiritual realm to work together for the sake of peace, it was awe-inspiring to see the vision manifesting right there before our eyes.

It was an honor for our WFWP delegation to sign this document of the IAPD on that day, before Mother Moon’s placed her signature on it at the evening banquet and celebration.

Throughout the events, the powerful spirit and presence of God, and that of both our founders was felt. It also became evident to all that Mother Moon is, as someone said, "a most unusual, amazing, brilliant peace leader of our times “who produces Heaven for everyone in every setting she creates.” The peace that "passes all understanding" was experienced among all 400 conference participants in a most authentic way.

One point to note is that on several occasions, several women speakers mentioned the importance of women's role in peacemaking, and that in fact, peace cannot become a reality unless women are included in this process.

The next day, WFWP USA President Angelika Selle was on the program to introduce WFWP at one of the ILC sessions. She emphasized that when WFWP was co-founded in 1992 by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and Rev. Sun Myung Moon, they foresaw even then that a time would come when women would be playing a pivotal role for peace. Since then, we have been in what they called the "Era of Women."

President Selle briefly introduced the international founding of WFWP and then focused on the latest developments, activities, and educational programs in the U.S., such as the Leadership of the Heart Curriculum and raising the next generation. She also emphasized that we are not here to "compete with men, but to complete each other." Her presentation was received extremely well by all, including the male leaders in the audience.

European GroupEuropean Group

Upon returning to the U.S., many are still "digesting" what they experienced, each person in a very unique and personal way. As Mother Gail Clouden put it: "I am still reflecting because more and more is yet being revealed to me each day. It was truly awesome, and to God be the glory!" (Please read her full reflection below.)

On a personal note, for me, the most powerful takeaway from these events, interfaith prayers, testimonies, and Dr. Moon’s speech was a sense of absolute certainty that not only is peace on the Korean Peninsula possible, but that it will indeed happen!

As one of the presenters at the ILC said, and I paraphrase, "President Kim Jong Un could go down in history in his lifetime and become a famous legend if he would allow his North Korean people to embrace democracy, as did President Gorbachev in Russia."

Is it time for miracles? Maybe it is, and it is time for all peace-loving global citizens, women and men alike, to stand together and affirm what our creator -- regardless of what name we call Him -- has intended for us all: to live in peace together as one family under God. May we work tirelessly until this noble dream is realized!


“By far, this has been the most profound and auspicious experience of my life. It was incredibly humbling and empowering to be in the presence of such diversity of faith, where God's love through intentions of peace was an expressed movement we can all take back to our individual communities. I personally had an opportunity to heal at a new level in my life, ancestrally, and in my relationship to the world.

I thank you all, and the grace of Mother Moon, so much for being included in such a groundbreaking and evolutionary moment in history.”
Dr. Susan Taffer, AZ

“BLESSINGS and THANK YOU to Mother Moon and Women's Federation for World Peace for inviting me to travel to Seoul on a peace mission for reconciliation with religions leaders and others from around the world!

It was a life-changing experience for me, and will be for years to come.

I believe the gathering of God's people in Korea was so powerful and beyond our knowing. I believe there was a calmness felt around the world while we assembled because of the intentions of the many that were called and the many that wanted to come and the many that came.

I also believe Mother Earth is calling for a special healing for Mother Africa, and this was a new beginning for the new world. Thanks you for allowing this opportunity to help make the world a better place. We did that as ONE!

I watched the most incredible connections being made between individuals who didn't even speak the same language. I am still reflecting, because more and more is being revealed to me each day. It was truly AWESOME! To God be the glory!

Thank you, Mother Moon for your obedience to God. Also, to Ms. Jizly Dohou, Reverend Juanita Pierre-Louis and President Angelika Selle -- you all allowed me to see what I speak of to groups and individuals often. However, it is in divine order, always! You all allowed me to see in the physical!

It is very necessary at a time when the female energy is so needed to change the world that more of an effort be made to put women in the proper place: sharing leadership roles with male leaders.”
Min Gail Clouden, PA