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Tea in the Library

Written by  May 30th, 2017
Tea in the Library
The tea was hot, the scones were sweet, and the members and friends of the WFWP Connecticut chapter were ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WFWP in style. At the downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut library on Saturday, April 29, those at the gathering shared with one another their thoughts on the necessity of women in creating peace in the world.
  • The best people to help the women of the world are other women; women are innately caring towards families and communities.
  • Women’s femininity gives an important balance to men’s masculinity in world leadership.
  • As much as the world needs fathers, brothers, and sons, it equally needs mothers, sisters, and daughters.

A favorite topic over tea was the contemplation of what true feminine leadership looks like, as opposed to a woman leading like a man in order to be successful. This was echoed in WFWP USA Vice President Katarina Connery’s call to membership, when she dramatically assured the gathering that feminine power is powerful, and completely unlike a man’s.

“Now is the time when women and men can work together, in unity, in equality. We are not interested in “taking back” what has been denied us, but in building a cooperative and respectful, ideal partnership.”

With two former presidents of WFWP USA presiding, Nora Spurgin and Alexa Ward, the candles were blown, the cake was cut, and another 25 year era was welcomed in -- years of peacebuilding, leadership of the heart, and women healing the world. WFWP in Connecticut, ignited!