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The Power of Prayer Prevails

Written by  Mrs. Valerie Parham April 2nd, 2017
The Power of Prayer Prevails

On March 3 the Michigan Chapter of WFWP hosted, for the second year in a row, the Day of Prayer.

The event was in collaboration with the Church Women United (CWU). Church Women United is a nationwide, well-established organization, which strives to go beyond the divisions caused by different denominations and religions. The dynamic members are consistently working on projects to help those with the most need.

The day was a most joyous event, filled with the powerful and spirit-filled songs from the choir of the shall Pathways to Christ Church of Detroit. After their singing, WFWP Co-Chairwoman Val Parham offered a spiritual called “Tell God My Troubles,” that was well received. She then introduced a representative of, what she called, the parental religion, Judaism. She invited a woman rabbi, Rabbi Dorit Edut, to say the opening prayer. It was a very wonderful prayer filled with historical references and was greatly appreciated.

Pastor Harika D'Orazio gave a heartfelt testimony about wonderful answers to prayers. She had been in the hospital for three and a half months. During that time she had flat-lined and found herself with Jesus. He told her she had to do more in the physical world. He continued that her mission on the earth is not yet finished. She is a great Christian, and we could feel she is filled with the Holy Spirit.

Our emcee was Ms. Cordette Newsome who brought a spirit of uplifting God into the room. Her leadership was very much appreciated by everyone there! The spirit of God imbued the ample room of the Detroit Metro Family Church that is pastored by Rev. David Kasbow. At the beginning Rev. Kasbow welcomed all who came, and asked for all to name their home churches. There were, at least, ten churches represented. The spirit of great praise and unity enveloped all present. Approximately fifty people attended.

A banquet of many nations’ cuisines followed. There were two long tables weighted down by a grand feast. Though to start, there was so much food on the tables; at the end, there was nothing leftover.

In preparation for the events the Michigan Chapter of WFWP hosts, the team has developed a successful strategy of delegating responsibilities and establishing trinities for prayer before the events.

Thanks to all who worked for the Day of Prayer especially to Reverend Debra Grubbs, the newly-elected president of the CWU; also to the five members of the Pathways to Christ Church choir, who gave their hearts as they sang to the Lord and to all the guests; and finally, many thanks to Rabbi Edut, Pastor D'Orazio, and Rev. Kasbow for their powerful prayers.

See you all next year!