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New Beginnings: Kicking Off the New “Leadership of the Heart” Curriculum in Atlanta

Written by  December 18th, 2017
New Beginnings: Kicking Off the New “Leadership of the Heart” Curriculum in Atlanta

A new beginning can bring joy and hope, as it breaks up the monotony of routine and inspires the mind to think in a different way. Our chapter was really excited to learn about the new WFWP curriculum, “Leadership of the Heart,” introduced at our August 19th event. Four of our team members were able to experience some of the presentations and activities at the WFWP Leadership Retreat in Las Vegas in October, and we wanted to bring it back to our chapter. At our local event to celebrate International Day of Peace in September, Ms. Christina Barea led a qigong meditation for us. After introducing WFWP’s vision and mission to her, we decided to collaborate together and Ms. Barea offered to host us.

On Saturday, December 2nd, we (nine WFWP members and five guests) gathered at the home of Christina Barea, co-founder of the Rising Lotus Qigong. Many commented on the peaceful, beautiful spirit present in her home, which also serves as the qigong center. Beginning with a guided qigong meditation, the morning unfolded as we examined our fears and the walls we erect within our hearts that get in the way of building trusting relationships. As the presenter, I was very inspired by the “Leadership of the Heart” curriculum. The powerpoint and script is well-developed, professional, easy-to-use, and helped us to create a warm environment in which to share together.

The morning concluded with an awesome potluck lunch, continued conversations and new friendships. Everyone agreed that this was a wonderful event that we should continue. Plans are in the works for us the have regular gatherings to continue the Leadership of the Heart curriculum and deepen our relationships.