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WFWP’s Unique Vision Spreading in Las Vegas

Written by  Sera Hirano April 2nd, 2017
Aimmee Kodachian Aimmee Kodachian

Ms. Aimmee Kodachian, entrepreneur, professional speaker, internet TV hostess, and producer of three different shows; set up a complimentary promotional event at the International Peace Education Center, Las Vegas on March 21; to introduce WFWP. Approximately 125 people attended the program, in addition to the 14 vendor tables that represented local non-profit groups and small businesses. Sixty-six guests heard about WFWP for the first time.

The program began with an hour of networking and conversation, followed by a traditional Korean dance that was performed by Mrs. Lee Hae Ju. Mrs. Hirano introduced the work and scope of the Women’s Federation and highlighted the Bridge of Peace Ceremony. Then Aimmee Kodachian spoke about her own war-torn experiences growing up in Lebanon, and the need for peace in the world. She also shared her passion for WFWP. The program ended with a Bridge of Peace ceremony as a path to world peace. Four different pairs crossed the bridge, each representing different wounds that needed healing and reconciliation.

All the vendors had contributed raffle prizes and a very lively raffle was held to complete the formal program.

Mary HidaMary Hida

One of the prominent people who attended was Appo Jabarian an Armenian film producer, who just finished a major docudrama about the four European women who protected hundreds of children during the Armenian genocide. Another important person who attended was Dr. Reeta Tjukral, head of the Global Charities Foundation. She was nominated in the past for the SunHak Peace Prize. Also, detective Deborah Reyes from the Las Vegas Metro Police Female Engagement Team attended with two other officers. Another noteworthy participant was Gayle Anderson, Chief of Protocol who is a longtime friend of the Founders of WFWP. Rev. Doo attended to represent the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Sera HiranoSera Hirano