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Prevention and Self-Healing

Written by  June 30th, 2017
Prevention and Self-Healing

WFWP Maine was blessed to have a naturopathic doctor as a guest speaker during our May meeting. The presentation included a PowerPoint presentation on the philosophy/key concepts of Naturopathic Medicine and the digestive system health, followed by questions and answers.

We learned that Naturopathic Medicine celebrates the healing power of nature. It emphasizes prevention and self-healing through the use of natural therapies and healing compounds and supplements that have few or no side-effects. Naturopathic doctors place a huge emphasis on the digestive system to reestablish health and wellness; so we learned how to keep our digestive system working properly, by optimizing digestion and absorption. Both topics were very insightful and the attendees were very engaged and interactive.

The presentation was followed by a delicious and healthy meal. Eating such a nutritious meal together further emphasized the need for natural ways to keep ourselves healthy. As long as our bodies are healthy and functioning well, we can continue our work with WFWP to encourage ourselves and those around us to live by the logic of love and help create a better environment for all those around us.