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Serving Others With a Passion

Written by  Cynthia Nakai and Olivia Vozza March 3rd, 2017
Serving Others With a Passion

Have you ever had a cup of coffee with someone and paused as they tell you what they have been up to? That was the reaction I had when I heard my friend Claire Haider talk about her experiences with Elizabeth Yamada in Paterson bringing 650 coats to shelters and needy people.

I observed her porch filled with jackets and sweaters waiting to be delivered and heard her stories about working in soup kitchens such as Eva's kitchen on Main Street in Paterson.

Remembering her hard work, I set a date aside to honor Claire and Elizabeth at a WFWP luncheon. We met Sunday January 22 at the La Havana 59 Restaurant in Moonachie, New Jersey. The restaurant is known locally for its delicious food and the display of original Cuban artifacts and art work. Claire brought pictures of her work and shared the events she attended to aid the homeless.

Dinner for Claire and ElizabethDinner for Claire and Elizabeth

Elizabeth told us about a man called “Father English” who walks the streets of Paterson and does everything he can to aid those out on the street. Claire and Elizabeth are currently buying and delivering different size diapers to a Christian organization that aids unwed mothers.

Mrs. Denneze Nelson, New Jersey Chairwoman (featured in January Logic of Love News), invited all of us who participated to the upcoming CSW61 (Council on the Status of Women), events at the United Nations in March. She shared what the other chairwoman in New Jersey are currently engaged in. We took some nice group pictures. It was a great opportunity to get to know all the people who attended the meeting.

Good work Claire and Elizabeth! We salute you! Keep up the heart work in Paterson. You inspire all of us.

Claire Haider with Elizabeth YamadaClaire Haider with Elizabeth Yamada