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San Francisco Bay Area Chairwoman: Mrs. Pat Fleischman

Written by  March 3rd, 2017
San Francisco Bay Area Chairwoman: Mrs. Pat Fleischman
This month, February, the Logic of Love News presents an article about Mrs. Pat Fleischman, Chairwoman of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of WFWP USA. I have known Pat for more than 45 years. To give you a little background information about her, Pat went to Senegal, Africa as a missionary of the Unification Movement in 1975. Her husband joined her in 1982 and they had four of their five sons while living in Senegal. In 1992, she and her husband, Justin, returned to his hometown in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

At the time WFWP was inaugurated, she had five young boys to take care of and participated in WFWP activities as much as she could. Then in 2001, she was recommended by some of the local WFWP members to become the chairwoman for the San Francisco Bay Chapter. She has been the chairwoman ever since.