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Texas Massacre Statement by WFWP USA

Written by  November 9th, 2017
Texas Massacre Statement by WFWP USA

How many more shootings and massacres will we see here in America, before we see change for the better?

It is with deep anguish that we heard the news of yet another mass killing in America -- this time ironically at a place of holy sanctuary where parishioners were worshiping God, seeking the peace that passeth all understanding.

This, combined with the recent murder in New York City of eight people by a destructively confused and misled terrorist, makes us painfully aware that beneath America's "skin" there are all kinds of hidden pains, ills and dysfunctions that are crying out for healing and being addressed. Wounds that have their deepest root within the nuclear family.

Another irony was that the WFWP USA President and Vice President were in Dallas at the very hour of the Sunday shooting at a church near San Antonio, just 270 miles away, speaking on the topic "Peace Starts With Me: What's Next?" It is this very notion of peace starting with "me" that is the key to a family, society and a nation of peace, harmony, and -- dare we think it? -- universal love.

Our hearts ache for those families who have been crushed by their losses. But in the face of the blatant evils we've recently seen, we will only redouble our efforts to teach and promote "peace starts with me" and "peace starts in the family," which are both where the hope of redeeming and reconciliatory love truly resides.

‚ÄčAngelika Selle
WFWP USA President‚Äč