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There Is Still Much Goodness in America!

Written by  October 3rd, 2016
There Is Still Much Goodness in America!

Al Cole's "People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards" reception took place on Tuesday, September 13 on Capitol Hill at the Rayburn House Office Building. Al Cole is a CBS radio talk show host, and he has made it his job to dig into various communities around America and unearth precious "diamonds" of sacrificial service who are hidden among all the attention-getting violence and desperation, and who are true agents of peace!

The small conference room was bursting with 250 guests, awardees, and friends from all over the country to witness small snippets of stories of the 20 "unsung heroes" who were honored on that day for their extraordinary work for the human family.

WFWP USA and our sister organization, the Universal Peace Federation, were represented well with a small delegation, as both organizations subscribe to the ideals of peace and "Living for the Sake of Others" that Al Cole is uplifting.

Twenty awards were presented to leaders of various organizations who were from a variety of culturally, socially, and politically different backgrounds, highlighting their sacrificial volunteer work of serving others. It was quite remarkable, and we were filled with hope and a renewed sense of how many "good people" there are in America!

Among the 20 awardees were people like:

=> a retired Police Captain who helps suicidal officers who suffer from PTSD
=> a Navy Admiral who started a senior service college
=> a therapist who helps countless youth deal with their emotional pain
=> a woman who works on preventing homelessness
=> a woman who helps to strengthen marriages and mental health, and
=> a woman who works to heal families to solve generational issues.

It was quite powerful to experience, the Human Family at its best!

People of Distinction Awards: Bob and Angelika SellePeople of Distinction Awards: Bob and Angelika Selle